7 Men’s Wedding Ring Trends That Are Shaping 2024

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It is always a little tough to predict what fashion trends are going to look like as a new year begins. This is true with men’s wedding rings as much as with clothing and other accessories. However, you can always make some predictions about how the year is going to go. 

Let’s talk about some men’s wedding ring fashion trends that seem likely to continue or emerge throughout 2024. 

Men’s Wedding Ring Trends

Black Rings Are Hot Right Now 

Black wedding rings are immediately noticeable and make a strong statement about a man’s fashion sense. You can find some great black rings for men at a price that won’t break the bank, and you should get a lot of envious stares when you wear one out in public. 

Matching Rings Are Also Trending at the Moment 

Many men are also getting wedding bands that match the one their spouse is wearing. These might be simple or ornate, but if you see a man and his spouse together, don’t be surprised if their wedding rings match. 

Wider Rings Are Having Their Day 

Some years, and even some decades, it seems as though slim wedding rings are in style. This fluctuates, though. It’s much the same with ties. Some eras see narrow ties as the more popular option, while others are all about the wider ones. 

It’s the same with rings. At the moment, many jewelers note that men are opting for wider wedding rings more than the slimmer ones. That seems likely to continue throughout the year. 

Vintage Rings Are Also Popular 

Many men at the moment seem to want to connect to their heritage or ancestry in some way. This is leading to some grooms looking for rings that their parents or grandparents wore. 

Of course, in these instances, the ring must often be resized. In some lucky circumstances, though, a forebear had the same ring size as the current gentleman wearing it. 

Diamonds Are Chic and Timeless 

Men who like more elaborate wedding rings might have various gemstones set in them. It’s hard to go wrong with diamonds, though, and early ring sales in 2024 seem to reflect this.

Men who get rings with diamonds often go for the gusto. Many of the rings that jewelers are selling to men for weddings have not just one diamond but several in intricate patterns. 

Lab-Created Diamonds Are More Acceptable Now 

Some men don’t like the idea of so-called lab-grown diamonds in their rings, but others have accepted this as an alternative to the traditional ones. Lab-grown diamonds don’t typically have much of a cost difference from the traditional ones, and you don’t run the risk of accidentally buying conflict diamonds if you get them. 

Mixing of Metal Colors 

Some men like the look of exotic or distinct metals against their skin. A trend lately has men buying rings with mixed metals to commemorate and celebrate their marital vows. These rings might be a combination of rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or something else entirely.

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