How to Pick the Right Meal Delivery Service and Why the Market Has Become Invaluable to Millions

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The meal delivery industry was already very much on the up long before the coronavirus pandemic, but it can not be argued that it significantly improved its standing due to the invaluable assistance it offered many during the difficult time as we battled restrictions as well as COVID itself.

The meal delivery service market is now at a perfect point when it comes to consumers considering their options. It’s a competitive market which means subscriptions and deals are in your favor, and the service you get from the best in the industry is going to be high as there is a clamor for customers.

Meal Delivery Service

What Is a Meal Delivery Service and How Can It Help Me and My Family?

You know that feeling when you return home from a long day at work, and you open your fridge door, and all you see is a vast frozen landscape peppered with out-of-date items, and a feeling of frustration envelopes you as you ponder your next move.

That feeling, albeit of a slightly different nature, is similar to parents of young children who may have run out of ideas, and time, to put together a variety of meals that they know will be happily consumed. 

This is where meal kit delivery services come to the rescue. A meal delivery service is usually a subscription-style one that requires you to place orders of packaged meals that arrive at your home and either require very little preparation or just need to be reheated as appropriate.

They are an excellent solution for families, individuals, and pretty much anyone who lacks time, motivation, or ideas when it comes to eating nutritious and tasty meals. 

The premade meals come in relevant sections and containers along with instructions, which is perfect for those who are not great in the kitchen. The market has grown immeasurably in recent years, both in terms of options to choose from as well as the offerings they provide.

The Many Benefits of Meal Kit Delivery Services

There are countless advantages to signing up with a meal kit delivery service, such as the ones outlined below.


The sheer scale of the players in this market and the eagerness to lead the market means that the variety available is quite remarkable, both in terms of meal types but also in relation to possible dietary requirements you might have. As an example, take a look at this Dinnerly menu this week, and you’ll get an idea of what we mean. 

Ease of Use

Some of us don’t have time to waste coming up with meal ideas, buying the relevant ingredients, prepping them, and then cooking them to perfection. A meal delivery service is just incredibly convenient, so much so that once you sign up with one, you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t do so sooner.

Sick of All the Waste

Let’s be honest. All of us, perhaps even on a weekly basis, go through the process of emptying produce and items from our fridges that just didn’t make the cut, went past their sell-by date, or now just look like something out of The Walking Dead. 

The meal delivery kit service comes in precisely the amounts needed to make x amount of meals, they can be frozen, and there is very little, if any, waste to speak of. This makes the whole process environmentally friendly as well as hugely valuable for you on a personal level.

How to Pick the Right Service for You

When you start your first meal delivery service subscription, you’ll need to work out which provider offers you the best match for your needs. Here are some factors to take into consideration.


Due to the lack of waste and the way the subscription services work as a whole, namely, they are reduced due to the scale and the buying bulk, the overall costs of moving to this type of approach will save you money.

However, some meal delivery kit services cost more than others, so take a look at what you get for your buck. The more expensive options may be down to the upscale nature of the provider or, indeed, the meals they offer, but that doesn’t mean that the cheaper options don’t provide incredibly mouthwatering dishes.

Dietary Requirements

If you or a member of your household have dietary requirements, make sure that the provider you choose is amenable to them. For instance, perhaps you are looking to eat more healthily because of a condition you suffer from, or maybe your dietary requirements are out of choice, such as those who are vegan; again, this is something more meal kit delivery services cover well, but some better than others.

Amount of Work Required

Check to see whether your meal kit delivery service is one that requires you to cook the recipes or just needs heating; this may influence your choice, especially if you don’t have a great deal of time on your hands.


Every meal delivery subscription service offers a variety of options here, including the number of meals you want per week, as well as the cost of associated shipping and the best way to approach this is to work out the cost per serving/meal and then decide how many you require. 

Clearly, you can adjust your preferences going forward, but it’s good to get an idea as to how often you’ll make an order and, therefore, what a chosen provider can give you in terms of deals and rates. 

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