2023 Loungewear Trends for Summer 

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With summer around the corner, you must be thrilled at the expected hot weather that’s about to melt our bodies. Given that experts stated that 2023 might be the warmest year on record, you must prepare your home and garments to be comfortable around the house. Know that choosing qualitative materials is best, even though loungewear or sleepwear are usually considered unimportant in fashion.

This year, we’re making the most out of our resources and vacations and choosing loungewear that lasts, made of exceptional materials that let our bodies breathe in the heat of the summer. Don’t worry; most of these trends are not making up for expensive products so you can be trendy even on a budget. Let’s get into it. 

It’s all about sustainability 

Textile dye allergy is a thing, and it affects people to the point where they’re experiencing severe eczema or dermatitis. That’s because chemical dyes are water soluble, and sweating makes them irritate the skin while sleeping or doing house chores. Common dyes people are allergic to include carmine, tartrazine and Paraphenylenediamine. 

Some companies noticed the problem affected customers and approached natural dye for their lounge sets. Natural dye usually comes from leaves, roots, flowers, fruits and minerals. Besides the sustainability and hypoallergenic properties, these dyes have unique tones and will upgrade your outfits. 

Another environmentally-friendly aspect of trendy loungewear and sleepwear is using sustainable materials. Breathable fabrics are the best, so getting Canadian pajamas or loungewear made of bamboo provides soft garments that are easy to wash and hypoallergenic.

Knitwear is back in trends 

Knitwear has developed so much in terms of design that you’ll find various models on the market. Knitwear is perfect for the chilly summer nights when you’re outside on the porch and having a deep talk with your friends, but also for the hot mid-day weather. 

The latest knitwear designs are so breathable and chic that you’ll want to level up your wardrobe with only this design. Many prefer this type of clothing because it’s wrinkle-resistant, lightweight and doesn’t require special care. 

Knitwear is more than a passing trend, even if we’re discussing clothes you wear at home or in pajamas. Because they’re stapled items, cardigans, sweaters and even undergarments will always be hunted in different materials, textures and colors. 

Bodysuits all the way 

Whether long-sleeved or sleeveless, bodysuits have become necessary in anyone’s wardrobe. They’re perfect for dressing in layers and being comfortable in winter. Still, during summer, a simple white bodysuit and a pair of palazzo pants make the perfect combination of coziness and 


Bodysuits can now be worn for every occasion as they have many designs. From the one-shoulder bodysuit to the turtleneck one, you can mix and match yours to go from loungewear and sleepwear in one change. 

The best fabrics for bodysuits for maximum comfort include a texture modal that is super stretchy, shrink-resistant and lightweight. The body tech fabric is also quite famous as it is sweat-wicking, fast-drying, and the comfiest material to sleep in. Let’s not forget about Italian silk, a luxurious fabric. 

Patterns in loungewear sets 

There’s nothing like sitting around in your loungewear or sleepwear set and having it match. Matching sets are best because you don’t have to think about what you’re wearing too much; you just take one set, and you’re done for the day or night.

In loungewear, sets are usually simple, with no patterns, but have unique designs, such as the polo shirt look or cropped sweatshirts. Hoodies, oversized sweatshirts and tees are also integrated so that you can be trendy with a simple-looking look. 

In sleepwear, patterns are popular and demanded as they offer a plus of personality and are fun to wear. Of course, celebrities have already taken the pajama to look out in the streets, and if you’re willing to try something new, know that Zendaya, Celine Dion and Lorde have done it, so why not try it yourself?

House shoes, but make it fancy 

There’s nothing wrong with looking a little polished at home, whether you’re wearing a certain type of clothing or with your make-up done. This is also the case with house shoes, which can be both sturdy and good-looking. 

For example, you can level up your game with fluffy slides that will keep your feet warm and in place, but you can also wear them with socks when going outside. Crocs are also a famous choice, and they come in so many patterns and colors that you’ll love a Crocs collection. If you’re on the luxurious side, a pair of fuzzy house shoes and a nightgown will make you look like a princess. 

Moroccan Babouche slippers are also interesting and come in shiny and bright colors, and are usually handmade from organic sheepskin. These pairs are perfect as they have generous room in the toe box, so they’re incredibly comfortable for people with bunions, for example. 


Boxer briefs, but not stolen from your boyfriend 

Boxer briefs are perfect for looking good on a hot summer night. Of course, boxer briefs for loungewear or sleepwear don’t have to look oversized or chunky, like the original concept; you can also wear biker shorts, which are versatile and make you feel like you’re not wearing anything. Regular boxer briefs are also airy, especially when made of cotton, silk, or wool. 

Biker shorts can easily be introduced into a day outfit by wearing an oversized hoodie or a long cotton shirt. They can also be used as workout clothes as they allow your body to breathe the materials used are usually Lycra, spandex, nylon or polyester and help pull out the moisture from your skin. 

Final thoughts 

Lounge and sleepwear are usually not given credit because you only wear them around the house. Although no one may see you in these clothes, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear beautiful or fancier garments, from silky blouses to fluffy shoes. At the same time, choosing qualitative material for sleepwear will improve your sleeping habits, and your skin will be at its peak. 

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