Limited on Time? How to Make the Most Out of a Short Stay in California

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California, or The Golden State as it is affectionately referred to, is a must-see destination. The state welcomes new residents and tourists yearly, making memories in this beloved west-coast state. Tourism in California remains one of the most popular destinations to visit, with reports revealing that the tourism industry for the state has grown by 32% in the past year.

Home to 482 cities, there is plenty to see and do during a visit to The Golden State. However, it can be challenging to fit everything in when pinched for time. Here are a few tips to help you maximise your limited time in the state.

Decide on Where to Visit and Mode of Travel

California is the third largest state, and one of the most popular for visitors and tourists. Of course, it is home to the City of Angels or more commonly known as Los Angeles. In L.A., there is an endless list of activities and places to see, such as Venice Beach, Rodeo Drive and the Hollywood Sign, or head down to Anaheim to visit the Disneyland Resort.

Transport is essential, especially when trying to fit as much in as possible during your short stay. Since California is such a large state, travelling across is the most time-consuming. Every city in the state has public transport, but some cities have better public transport than others, and some might not be as reliable. To prevent any potential problems, you might want to rent a car out, you have more flexibility and control over how and when you travel to your chosen destinations.

Staying Safe Wherever You Go

As your time in California is limited, the last thing you want is for something to occur that could be time-consuming in any way. Ensuring that you put measures in place to stay safe and protected is a must. Should some of these delays be out of your control, such as travel delays in flights, lost luggage or medical emergencies, you want to know you have a plan to resolve and handle these issues.

Having insurance in place will help with this. It is worth checking travel insurance policies and what they cover when planning your journey. As an example have a look at Staysure and the different insurance policy bands they have. If you are happy to spend a little more on your policy, choose a band with greater coverage and more protection for your trip.

Plan Out the Routes

After deciding where to go, how you are travelling and putting measures in place to keep you safe, now is the time to map out the journey. Travelling across California can take hours. Before you arrive in California, look at how long it will take to travel to these destinations from where you are staying. This might influence what you can and cannot do during your short stay.

To help maximise time in California, consider the location and time it takes to travel between some of your most desired locations. Some might be within proximity to one another – meaning you could plan a day to spend in that location, doing and seeing everything you wanted to do. All you would factor in is the time it takes to that location, how long you’d ideally like to spend at each place and the drive between them all. Remember, California, specifically L.A., is notorious for its traffic, so that is another factor to keep in mind.

With limited time, you might want to maximise your time there by starting your day early to help you beat traffic and increase your daily work. Along with early starts, you might pack out your day, leaving no room for spontaneous activities that you stumble across. Visiting California will certainly be an experience you will always remember, whichever way you plan your trip.

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