Kids Away for the Weekend? Ideas for Filling Your (Child)Free Time

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You know the story well enough by now, us moms try carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. Catering to our children, managing work, and handling everything in between, we often forget that we, ourselves, are individuals too. 

We need rest, time to breathe, and most importantly, time to rebalance and rediscover ourselves. A weekend may not seem like much, but it can be just enough to recharge your batteries, rejuvenate your spirit, and allow you to be a better mom when the kiddos come home.

It’s not being selfish, rather, it’s respecting yourself enough to know when you need a break. There’s no need to plan some grand getaway. It could be as simple as a quiet weekend at home with a good book or treating yourself to some much-needed pampering

Kids Away for the Weekend

My Top 5 Activities for a Child-Free Weekend

Reading – I always have a pile of books just waiting for some peace and quiet. It gives me a chance to escape into different worlds without leaving my cozy armchair.

Cooking for Pleasure – In day-to-day life, cooking might be more about feeding the family and less about culinary exploration. But when I have the weekend to myself, I try new recipes, make something a little gourmet, or bake up a storm. There’s something delightful about unhurried cooking.

Stay-At-Home Spa Day – This is something I love, but it’s so hard to find the time! A hot bath, a face mask, painting my nails, and so on. It’s a great way to pamper yourself and let the stress of a hectic life just flow down the drain. 

Leisurely Nature Walks – I do love a leisurely stroll. Be it a park, a countryside trail, or just around the block if that’s the best I can do. Being in nature has a healing effect that is almost instantaneous.

Crafty Projects – For me, creativity is therapeutic. Even a simple project, like giving a little face-lift to an old piece of furniture gives me immense satisfaction. Plus, it’s so much fun! 

Spend your time doing something that boosts your energy and brings you joy. Only you can truly know what that is! 

Relaxing When Going Through a Divorce

I didn’t always enjoy my weekends alone. When I was going through a divorce, those were indeed hard times and that’s why it’s so important to encourage self-care.

During those challenging weekends, I found solace in small, calming activities that helped in reducing stress and anxiety. 

Journaling – I would write down my thoughts and feelings. Pouring my heart out on paper really helped me process things.

Yoga and MeditationFocusing on breathing and the mind-body connection gave me a momentary escape from difficult emotions and stress.

Long Walks – Nature has a healing power. The tranquility of being outdoors cleared my mind and helped put things in perspective.

Crafting – The concentration required for crafting distracted me from distressing thoughts and allowed me a brief chance to relax.

Connecting with Loved Ones – The support from close friends and family was vital in helping me remain strong. I’ve come to realize those conversations had a deep healing effect.

For the Moms Going Through a Custody Battle

It’s okay to ask for help. You’re not alone in wondering how a mother can win full custody of her children. There are numerous resources available. Never hesitate to reach out to trusted friends, family, or professional services.

Remember to practice self-care because it’s not just important, but essential. Even within the most stressful situations, carving some time out for yourself to rest, relax and rejuvenate helps in managing stress and keeps your spirits up.

I can share some wisdom based on my own experiences, but please always consult with a legal professional or expert who can guide you based on your specific circumstances. Here are a few general pieces of advice:

DocumentationKeep detailed records of all interactions with your ex-partner, significant dates and events, your child’s reactions, and any incidents of abuse or neglect (if applicable). This can be useful evidence in court.

Stability – Courts usually favor the parent who provides a stable environment for the child. Stability both in emotional terms and physical – such as maintaining consistent housing, school, and a calm home environment.

Child’s Best Interest – Always operate in terms of what is in the best interest of your child. This is how courts typically determine custody cases.

Legal Counsel – A lawyer who is knowledgeable in family law can help you navigate this complex and stressful process.

Take care of yourself – Remember to take care of your health and well-being. Your child needs a strong, healthy mother — and that means both in mind and body. 

It’s okay to need support, and it’s more than okay to ask for it. There are many of us who have traveled similar journeys. We’re here, rooting for you and offering whatever wisdom we can from our own experiences. You’re stronger than you know, and you have a community of supportive individuals ready to have your back.

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