What Is a Keratin Hair Treatment

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Keratin hair treatments are becoming increasingly popular for individuals looking to add shine, volume and strength to their hair. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of what keratin treatments are, the benefits they offer, and how to make the most out of your treatment.

Keratin Hair Treatment

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What Is a Keratin Hair Treatment?

A keratin hair treatment is a chemical process that straightens and smoothes hair by infusing it with natural proteins contained in keratin, a fibrous structural protein. The result is hair that looks sleeker, shinier and more manageable.

Unlike permanent chemical relaxers, which have been known to damage the cuticle layers of the hair and cause breakage, keratin treatments coat the individual strands of your hair so there’s less damage done.

Benefits of Getting a Keratin Treatment

The benefits of getting a keratin treatment go beyond simply making your hair look great; they can also promote healthy growth free from split ends or dryness and tangles. An added perk is that even humid weather won’t be able to ruin your favorite style; instead you’ll enjoy greatly reduced frizz along with style that lasts much longer than usual.

Additionally, from shorter styling time in the mornings to fewer products needed in general each day – a good upkeep regime will save both time and money!

Preparation Before Applying Hair Products With Keratins

Before reaching for any product containing keratins there’s some preparation you should do before hand: firstly get rid of excess oils on your scalp by washing it thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo – this helps soften and open up the cuticle layer so it’s more porous for nutrients.

Secondly, apply thick leave-in conditioners or deep conditioning masks overnight which will help nourish each strand too! Once these steps have been completed then proceed onto layering desired products containing advanced forms of pure or synthetic keratins onto dampened locks.”

Making Your Keratin Treatment Last Longer

By following certain rules you can ensure longevity of results from your keratin treatments: avoid excessive amounts of heat from flat irons or curling wands, use special sulfate-free shampoos made for moisturizing stripped strands heavily coated in ingredients like argan oil specifically formulated not just cleanse but also lock moisture into each strand efficiently, schedule regular trims that target damaged ends especially since extensions are another option too which works better if kept healthy underneath them!

Finally regularly use rich moisturizing masks weekly at home – these build walls against environmental damages while deeply hydrating individual hairs back into beautiful soft textures full life!”

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