Is Ohio a Good State to Retire In? 

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When thinking of the perfect place to retire states such as Florida, Hawaii and other tropical states probably come to mind. Surprisingly, the state of Ohio should be added to that list of places to consider retiring. Experts say now more than ever seniors are picking Ohio as their retirement destination. With the low cost of living, wonderful scenery, and a mix of cultures, it makes sense that the number of retirees choosing Ohio as their retirement destination is increasing. Even retirement communities offer the ability to enjoy all Ohio has to offer.

Cost of Living

Ohio’s living cost is 6.9 percent below the national average, making it a cost-effective place of retirement, including Retirement Communities. While renting a one-bedroom space costs approximately $1,048 a month nationally, in Ohio the average for the same space is approximately $695 monthly. It also ranks a lower percentage than the national average in areas such as the cost of health care, transportation, and utilities.

Senior discounts in Ohio are plentiful, contributing to the low cost of living. Specifically, the U.S. News and World Report reported that in Akron, Ohio, the cost of living for a senior is less than $75 per day. Each state will often have varying tax implications, but the tax benefits in Ohio ultimately contribute to affordability, as Social Security benefits are exempt from state income taxes. Furthermore, in certain scenarios retirees can file tax returns for free which alleviates some of the financial burden.   


The scenery in Ohio includes breathtaking rivers, lakes, and mountains. Lake Erie, arguably the most popular tourist attraction in Ohio, is one of many areas to enjoy. Not only does the lake provide beautiful backdrops but also invites retirees to boat and fish the lake’s clear waters. Ohio is also home to the Ohio River and Miami River where kayaking is a popular activity for adventurous seniors.

For those who enjoy hiking and camping, Ohio is home to the Appalachian Mountains. They cover much of eastern and southeastern Ohio offering breathtaking views of the foothills. Ohio accommodates any nature lover. 


Seniors may think there is nothing to do in Ohio, but that’s far from true. Outside of natural attractions, there are many spots to explore, as Ohio is home to several walkable cities. This allows seniors to remain social and maintain fitness without having to deal with traffic. Top walkable cities include Lakewood, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Norwood, and Athens. In these cities, there are museums to visit, art galleries, restaurants, historic sights, parks, and more to appeal to seniors who do not wish to give up their active lifestyles.

Ohio is also home to nearly 150 wineries, which allows all residents to have a winery within 45 minutes of their residence. They even have 20 events coordinated throughout the year by the Ohio Wine Producers Association, so social life can be maintained. There is no shortage of places to explore in this lively state. 

After taking into consideration all Ohio has to offer, it’s clear as to why it’s becoming the new destination for retirement. Whether seniors are seeking to live comfortably, find a secluded place to enjoy nature and scenery, or maintain a social and active lifestyle, this underestimated state is the place to go. The retirement homes here are often all-inclusive, so seniors do not have to go far to reap Ohio’s benefits.  It’s time to add Ohio to that list of places for a perfect retirement destination.

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