How to Help Your Child Speak Up About Sexual Abuse

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As parents, talking about body safety with our children is something that we do not do anywhere near enough. You may think that it is too scary or that your child is too young to understand. However, this is not the case, as it does not have to be scary and it is never too soon to start talking about these things with your children. However, this is not the case, as it does not have to be scary and it is never too soon to start talking about these things with your children, including discussions about the legal aspects of statutory rape in Florida. Some of the things that you can do in order to make your children less likely to be victims of child sexual abuse include the following:

Let Them Know That Some Areas Are Private

Make your children aware that there are some body parts that are private, meaning that not everyone should be seeing them. Tell them that their parents can see them, but that anyone else should not.

Do make them aware that medical professionals like doctors may need to see their private areas sometimes if they are sick to check that everything is OK, but only because their parents are there with them at the same time.

Teach Them About Boundaries

You need to be matter of fact when teaching your children that no person should ever be asking them to touch their private areas and they should never be asked to touch anyone else in those parts.

Lots of parents out there will often forget the latter of these two things, but it is equally important. This is because chid sexual abuse does sometimes start off with an adult asking them to either touch another person or to touch themselves.

Talk With Them About Body Parts

Tell your children what their various body parts are called and begin talking to them about each from as young as possible. You should use the correct names for each body part. This is because they will then feel comfortable about talking about their body and will be able to correctly explain if and where something inappropriate has happened to them. 

Make Them Aware That These Rules Apply to Everyone

Most children will envisage a bad person as being someone who they have seen in a cartoon. However, they would not think that a bad person could look different to that, such as someone they already know.

It is therefore advisable that you tell them that you or their other parents may touch their private body parts when cleaning them, but no one else should touch them at any other time. Not even people like family members, friends, or any other caregivers. This is true even if it is someone they think is in charge or like. 

Seek Help if Needed

Despite of teaching your children these things, it may unfortunately still be the case that they fall victim to sexual abuse whilst they are in the care of others, such as when they are in daycare or at preschool. If this is something that does happen to them, then head on over to to get the justice that they deserve.

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