Gurgaon’s Gastronomic Treasures: 7 Indian Restaurants Just a Click Away

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Indulging in the rich and flavorful delights of North Indian cuisine is a passion shared by many, and if your day feels incomplete without savoring the exquisite taste of dal makhni, then you, my friend, are undoubtedly a fellow North Indian food lover. While Delhi is renowned for its mouthwatering North Indian delicacies, we mustn’t overlook the heavenly food havens just outside Gurgaon’s bustling city. Fear not, for we have curated a delectable food list that will make any North Indian food enthusiast’s heart skip a beat. Venturing into Gurgaon might seem like a substantial journey, but rest assured, the flavors that await you are worth it! Get ready to explore the best north indian restaurants in gurgaon and elevate your culinary journey to new heights!

Indian Restaurants Just A Click Away

7 Top North Indian Restaurants In Gurgaon That Deliver Food Online 

Made in Punjab 

 Nestled in the heart of Gurgaon, Made in Punjab stands as one of the top north indian restaurants in gurgaon, celebrated for its delectable cuisine and vibrant ambience. But amidst this symphony of flavors, one star shines the brightest, the renowned butter chicken. Imagine succulent chicken cocooned in a velvety, exquisitely spiced sauce that dances on your palate.

Paired with naan or rice, it’s a voyage into pure indulgence, delighting your taste buds. Whether you decide to savor their dishes on-site or have them delivered, you’re embarking on a memorable journey through the vibrant North Indian cuisine that’ll enchant you.

21 Gun Salute

 In the heart of Gurgaon, this place beckons as a haven for North Indian cuisine aficionados. Its unassuming yet refined ambience, wallet-friendly prices, and mouthwatering dishes create an unparalleled dining experience.

With its sublime flavors, the beloved butter chicken is a favorite among patrons. At around INR 2050 for two people, it’s a treat for your taste buds and your budget.

And here’s the exciting part. You can now relish 21 Gun Salute’s culinary treasures through online food delivery. Whether you’re seeking a casual gathering or an intimate dinner, this restaurant guarantees a remarkable culinary journey that will resonate long after the last bite.

Chef Style 

 For those seeking a taste of delectable and authentic North Indian cuisine without straining their wallets, Chef Style emerges as one of the perfect north indian restaurants in gurgaon. Renowned for its affordability and hearty portions, this restaurant is favourite to budget-conscious food enthusiasts.

The menu boasts diverse North Indian delicacies, all skillfully prepared to capture the essence of authenticity. While the butter chicken remains a crowd-pleaser, every dish holds its place of pride.

Catering to the financially savvy, Chef Style offers a culinary escapade that doesn’t compromise on taste. No diner leaves with an empty stomach, thanks to the generous servings that epitomize true value for money. And here’s the exciting twist – you can now relish Chef Style’s culinary wonders through online food delivery.

Whether you’re tantalized by the idea of a flavorsome thali or yearning for the timeless perfection of butter chicken, this place ensures a satisfying experience for every palate and every budget.

Indian Grill Room 

Discover the essence of North Indian authenticity here, a beloved Gurgaon restaurant. The culinary offerings are enchanting, matched by an elegant ambience and vibrant aura. Indulge in the velvety paneer lababdar, a symphony of paneer, yoghurt, and spices that awaken your taste buds to an exquisite dance of flavors.

The mutton biryani offers a hearty experience with its fragrant blend of mutton, rice, and spices, whisking you away on a journey of taste. With an extensive range of meticulously crafted North Indian dishes, from classics to innovations, the menu guarantees satisfaction. And here’s the cherry on top. You can now savor Indian Grill Room’s delights through online food delivery.

Punjabi by Nature 2.0

 Discover the culinary gem that is Punjabi by Nature 2.0, one of the beloved north indian restaurants in gurgaon.

Renowned for its authentic flavors, this establishment promises a delightful dining experience. Indulge in the crowd-favorite dal makhani; a harmonious blend of slow-cooked lentils and spices that embodies the restaurant’s commitment to authenticity.

The menu offers not only a variety of North Indian treasures but also a surprising twist with a selection of Mexican dishes.

Take advantage of the iconic Amritsari chole bhature, the delectable Lahori masala paneer, or the tantalizing tandoori paneer tikka. Each dish is a journey through taste. Relish Punjabi by Nature 2.0’s delights through online delivery, bringing their culinary mastery to your doorstep.

Whether you’re planning a casual hangout or a cozy dinner, this place guarantees a memorable culinary affair that embodies the essence of North Indian cuisine.


Introducing Baba’s, one of the beloved north indian restaurants in gurgaon renowned for its delectable cuisine and family-friendly ambience. Recent times have brought about exciting changes as Baba’s has relocated to a larger space on Golf Course Road, promising an even more exceptional experience.

The interior makeover exudes opulence and refinement, elevating your dining adventure. Baba’s tempts with various flavorful offerings, from tantalizing kebabs and flaky lachha paratha to the indulgent chicken tikka masala and hearty dal makhani. Only the freshest ingredients find their way into Baba’s creations.

The kebabs undergo hours of marination, the lachha paratha boasts its signature flakiness, and the chicken tikka masala stands as a testament to richness and creaminess.

The culinary journey extends beyond their restaurant walls. With online food delivery, you can experience Baba’s culinary mastery in the comfort of your home.

Ji Memsaab

The restaurant boasts a sleek, contemporary ambience adorned with simplicity and elegance, setting the stage for an extraordinary culinary journey. Ji Memsaab showcases a curated selection of dishes that redefine familiarity.

Experience delights like the refreshing Paneer Tikka Pudina, indulgent Tandoori Stuffed Mushroom, crispy Paneer Fritters, and comforting Dal Makhani. The offerings, which include Rabri Faluda and Chicken 65, epitomize Ji Memsaab’s dedication to crafting a unique dining experience.

Your culinary journey continues beyond the restaurant doors. Ji Memsaab extends its culinary artistry to your doorstep through online food delivery.

Whether you’re seeking an unparalleled culinary encounter or looking to enjoy Ji Memsaab’s creations from the comfort of your home, their commitment to redefining North Indian cuisine remains unwavering.


North Indian restaurants have embraced online food delivery in Gurgaon through platforms like Swiggy, offering the region’s authentic flavors at customers’ doorsteps. This partnership combines the convenience of modern technology with the rich tradition of North Indian cuisine, enhancing accessibility and contributing to Gurgaon’s vibrant food culture.

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