Complement Your Looks With Something Extra: How to Choose a Perfume

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How to Choose a Perfume

There’s nothing as ionic as a personal, signature scent when it comes to perfume. Whether you’re looking to bring someone in, catch someone’s attention, or express yourself, a good perfume does the trick! The fragrance you choose to wear can enhance your appearance and style tenfold if you know how to use it correctly! Everyone should have their own signature scent or perfume!

Choosing a signature scent can be tricky, as there is such a variety to choose from and so many things to consider. Whether you’re looking for a new signature scent, or are looking to learn something new about fragrances, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s everything you need to know about choosing a perfume.

Learn the Basics

The best way to find your signature perfume is to get acquainted with some of the basics. You don’t have to become an expert to find your signature scent, but it does help to know the basics when choosing a perfume. There are three main aspects to a perfume that you need to know about; top notes, heart, and base notes. These three parts combine to create the scent profile of your perfume, and you need to consider all three when choosing. 

Do some quick research and figure out what are some of the basics that you like. Look up perfume online from places such as parfumdreams for ideas of what is available. Before sampling perfumes randomly in the store, look up their top, heart, and base notes, to narrow your search. Start your search this way, and you’ll find your signature scent like a pro!

Always Sample Before Buying

Not all manufacturers make their scents the same. Perfumes can differ not only in scent but in price, wearability, and longevity. This is why it’s key to try out and sample a perfume before buying it. If you find a perfume you like in the store, spray it on your skin before you check out. Pay attention to how long the perfume stays on as well as if it changes while you wear it. 

Buying perfumes can be expensive, so it’s important to make the right choice. If you’re searching on a budget, look online for a FragranceX coupon or two to help you find your signature scent while sweetening the deal. Buying online is usually the cheaper option, just remember to try out the perfume beforehand!

How Do You Want to Be Seen by Scent?

Aside from making you simply smell good, perfumes and colognes can do so much more for you! A perfume says a lot about you and can drastically change how people perceive you, simply by smell. Certain scents invoke a certain kind of attitude or lifestyle. Before settling on a scent, think long and hard about what you want your signature perfume to say about you. Are you fun, mysterious, outgoing, or all of the above?

Liking a scent doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve found “the one” so spend some time thinking it over. Whether you want to smell like an easy-going beach princess or like old-school money, you’ve got to decide early on before branding yourself with a signature scent! Some might say that this is the most important part of choosing a perfume, so make sure to get it right! 

Avoid Fragrance Trends

If you’re looking to find a long-term perfume for yourself, it’s a good idea to not take the current scent trends too seriously. Fashion trends come and go, and the same rings true for popular perfume trends. Although it’s always good to try out the hottest new scents and fragrances, it’s not always the smartest or most sustainable choice. Current favorites might not be good investments in the future, so it’s always smart to tread carefully. 

Although some old classics will never go out of style, you should always strive to look for something unique to your style. When looking for a signature scent, go with what you like and what works, whether it be a brand-new scent or an old classic. 

How To Choose A Perfume

So there you have it! Keep these tips in mind, and you’re on your way to finding your signature scent! When looking for a perfume, it doesn’t hurt to know a few things about the craft. Learn what you like and how to tell the difference between an Eau de toilette and an Eau de parfum. Make sure to always sample your perfume before buying it, to make the best investment.

When it comes to choosing a signature scent, you need to think about what you want your perfume to say about you. Decide on what kind of vibe you’re going for, and choose a scent accordingly. Last but not least, remember to take inspiration from perfume trends but don’t let them dictate your choice.

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