Can Dogs Eat Carrots

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Can Dogs Eat Carrots? Are Carrots Good For Dogs And What Are The Benefits of Carrots For Dogs!

Recently one of our dogs, Yoda the Bichon Frise had an operation. We were asked to place Yoda on a calorie controlled diet and replace half of his usual kibble biscuits with vegetables.

We had to do our research and find out which vegetables are safe for dogs and this leads us to ask the question can dogs eat carrots? Also if so, what are the health benefits of carrots for dogs and how safe are carrots for dogs?

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Today we are sharing the benefits of feeding carrots to dogs and will share with you the reasons your dog will benefit from eating raw carrots as well as adding cooked carrots to their diet!

can dogs eat carrots

Can Dogs Have Carrots?

Carrots are a great vegetable to feed to dogs. When I first asked the question, “Are carrots safe for dogs” I was pleasantly surprised by the answer.


Carrots are a healthy treat which any dog can enjoy. Whether your dog is following a raw food diet or a cooked vegetable diet, or your simply looking for a healthy treat to give your precious pooch, you may want to consider giving dogs raw carrots as a treat!


Carrots are low in carbs. Therefore they will not cause your dog to gain weight. In fact, if you’re looking for vegetables to help your dog with weight loss then carrots are ideal! They really are.

The Benefits of Carrots for Dogs

When dogs eat carrots they are able to benefit from a lot of nutrition which of course includes Vitamin C which boosts the immune system and Vitamin A which helps prevent vision loss.


So if you were asking the question are carrots bad for dogs? The answer is no! They are in fact a very nutritious and a healthy option to feed your dog and raw carrots make a great healthy dog treat.

Raw carrots are a fantastic vegetable to help clean your dog’s teeth. Raw carrot can help reduce bad breath in dogs and help your dog to keep their teeth healthy and stronger for longer.

However cooked carrots are equally good for dogs and something they may enjoy mashed up amongst their regular dog food.

Why Are Carrots Safe for Dogs?

Not only are carrots full of goodness and nutrition, but they also have plenty of antioxidants which are known for their role in protecting the body against cancer.


None of us desires our precious dog to get cancer. Giving our dogs vegetables every day can actually help reduce the risks of cancer growth in dogs. Just stay clear from avocados and onions’, Michael Ross from Rested Paws admits. 

So what are you waiting for?  Go find a Dog Carrot recipe today!

Dog Carrot Recipe

You may enjoy our French Carrot Medley recipe for the slow cooker or InstantPot. This is a great vegetable medley for Dog owners but is also a suitable carrot recipe for dogs…just make sure you leave out the Onions!

Onions are one of the vegetables that are not safe for your pet dog and onions can be VERY dangerous and harmful to dogs. Onions are very harmful if eaten in large quantities, in fact, anything in the onion family can be near fatal to your dog(s).


How to Cook Carrots for Dogs?

You have both the option of raw carrots for dogs but you can also cook carrots in a number of different ways.

As said above, our number one method for cooking carrots and baby carrots for dogs is to use an Instant Pot. It’s quick and easy and you can cook a whole lot of carrots in one go by using a pressure cooker.


If you don’t own an Instant Pot you could buy one on Amazon or from your local Kitchen products store. Alternatively, you can steam carrots or boil them in a pot over the stove.

Steaming carrots is always the better option over boiling carrots as it locks in the nutrition whereas boiling is more likely to allow nutrients to leak out into the water.

Mashed Vegetables for Dogs

Either way, carrots are a tasty snack for dogs and one they will love. We like to mash our steamed carrot and mix it into our dog’s bowl along with Yoda’s dog biscuits.


In addition to carrots, we often add broccoli, Kale and other healthy greens which are a good source of Iron for dogs and more vegetables which can help a dog to lose weight.

Are Carrots Safe For Dogs? The Answer Is A Big Fat Yes! 

So next time someone asks you are carrots good for dogs? You can tell them yes.

You can share the health benefits of carrots for dogs and maybe even offer some tips to help your dog stay healthy, maintain a healthy weight or even lose weight if your dog is obese.For more information on the benefits of carrots as well as other vegetables, fruits and berries, you can go to to find all the food related data for your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Happy Carrot Peeling!

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