13 Fantastic Giraffe Crafts for Kids

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13 Fantastic Giraffe Crafts for Kids

As a child I loved to visit the Zoo. In fact my favourite animal at the Zoo was the Giraffe. I guess I was fascinated by the size of their long neck. They really are interesting creatures and I loved watching them eat the leaves from the trees.


When my daughter was a baby I took her to Auckland Zoo. It was a fantastic day out and we saw some beautiful animals including giraffes.

Today on The Inspiration Edit we are sharing 13 fantastic Giraffe Crafts for Kids. Enjoy.

giraffe crafts

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13 Fantastic Giraffe Crafts for Kids

1. Easy Giraffe Craft

No time for complicated craft? This Easy Giraffe Craft is a life-saver! Pre-schoolers will surely enjoy decorating their own Giraffe!
2. Bubble Wrap Giraffe Paintings

Grab that leftover bubble wrap from your packages and start painting. Kids love bubble wraps so what better way to keep them entertained? Bubble wrap and Giraffe painting!
3. Giraffe Finger Puppet

Have fun playing finger puppet with the family with this Giraffe Finger Puppet! It’s a great craft to teach kids about animals and also it’s super cute!
4. TP Roll Giraffe

Planning for a puppet show? This Toilet Paper Roll Giraffe will be the star of your show. Kids will also surely have fun making it.
5. Giraffe Inspired Paper Plate Craft

One good activity to teach your kids about animals is by doing crafts. It’s enjoyable for them and they won’t even notice that they’re already learning. Teach them about Giraffes with this Giraffe Inspired Paper Plate Craft!
6. Easy No Sew Giraffe Costume

Halloween coming up? We’ve got you covered! Make this Easy No Sew Giraffe Costume. This doesn’t involve any sewing so you can easily do this with your kiddos.

giraffe crafts

7. Easy Giraffe Bookmark

Make reading more fun with this Easy Giraffe Bookmark. If you have 5 minutes and some cardstock, this is the perfect quick activity to do.
8. Paper Plate Giraffe

Paper plate crafts are some of the easiest crafts to do. Add this to your paper plate craft – Paper Plate Giraffe Craft, it’s super adorable and you don’t need a lot of materials!
9. DIY Giraffe Growth Chart

Track your kid’s growth with this DIY Giraffe Growth Chart! It’s a great wall decor and also a fun way to see your kid’s growth.
10. Easy Giraffe Bookmark Corner

Bookworms will surely have fun seeing this Easy Giraffe Bookmark Corner on their book. If you have some paper stocks then you can definitely do this.
11. Paper Bag Giraffe Craft

Got some extra paper bag? Make this Paper Bag Giraffe Craft with your kids. They will surely enjoy painting and designing their adorable Giraffe!
12. DIY Cardboard Giraffe

Have fun recycling cardboard by making this DIY Cardboard Giraffe for your kids. This also has a ready printable so use that as a guide and you’re good to go.

13. Paper Giraffe Crafts

You will love these Paper Giraffe Crafts! They’re so easy to make and you can even make your own family of Giraffes!

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