Spatial Awareness Tips & Tricks to Decorate a Large Room In Your Home

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If you have a large, open space in your home, it can be challenging to find the right décor. There are lots of potential mishaps with designing a large room that could make your space look too empty or not welcoming enough.

Understanding how spatial awareness works can help you place the right kind of furniture and design pieces, such as oversized wall art and mirrors, in your large room.

Use Large Furniture Pieces

A key part of large room design is understanding how scale works. For vast spaces with high ceilings, it’s best to work to fill the space with furniture that fits.

Instead of a standard couch or loveseat, you may need to go bigger with an L-shaped oversized couch. Change out the typical coffee table for an extra-large ottoman.

For a dining room, go big with an extended dining table instead of a simple dinette. Don’t forget to consider the height of the room when picking furniture, especially if you have tall ceilings.

Go with taller pieces of décor or striped wallpaper designs that will help fill the room and make it more inviting.

Split up the Space

Decorators also recommend creating separate spaces in a large room to make it extra cozy and comfortable.

If you have a large living room, you can make it feel more welcoming by dividing up the space into several different areas.

You can create a sitting area with couches, end tables and lamps in front of the television.

Think about also setting up a nook with armchairs for reading or playing games in a different part of the room.

Another area of your living room may also be set up as a kids’ space with toy storage and play furniture.

Incorporate Colors and Patterns

Styling a big room gives you a reason to go for bold colors and patterns for your décor pieces.

Rich paint colors can be used for accent walls in a big room to help break up the room and make it feel smaller.

You can also strategically use wallpaper designs, like palm leaf wallpaper, in various parts of the room to define different spaces in a larger room.

Pull Furniture Away From the Wall

Next, make sure you avoid placing your big pieces of furniture against the wall. Putting these pieces against the wall gives your space too much open floor, which can make the room look too big and empty.

Instead, pull pieces forward a bit to create a new boundary of living space. Use potted plants, artwork and other design pieces near the wall to add visual interest.

Create a Theme

The last way you can make your big room feel more comfortable is to incorporate a theme within your space.

Using a theme throughout your space can keep the area more unified and more cohesive.

A theme can be a specific color, a material, a design style or a mood you want to recreate in the space. 

A big room can be a blank canvas for your decorating dreams. Use the space to your advantage and follow the concepts of spatial awareness to give your room warmth and style.

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