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Why Gastric Bypass Patients Need A Medic Alert Bracelet

Having a Gastric Bypass is major surgery and leads to life changing circumstances. As a consequence it is always important to wear a medical alert bracelet to alert Emergency responders and medical staff of your bypass history.

Medic Alert Bracelet

Medical alert bracelets allow medics to quickly read and know the conditions and special circumstances of individuals and having your information engraved on a bracelet could really help in an emergency situation.

First of all, Gastric Bypass patients can often not tolerate high sugar intake. If you have an injury a responder could attempt to give you pain medication with simple sugars or other meds which are not appropriate for a gastric bypass patient.

Too much simple sugars can result in dumping syndrome. This is when sugar passes too quickly through the stomach and intestines and results in unpleasant and sometimes dangerous symptoms such as shaking, sweating, dizziness, fast heart beat and the sudden need to go to the toilet.

Having a medic alert bracelet can ensure the Medic does not exacerbate any symptoms in an emergency through giving medications that can result in dumping syndrome.

Another important reason to have a medic alert bracelet is because certain medications must never be taken following a Gastric Bypass.

Some anti-inflammatory drugs, including aspirin and ibuprofen as well as other medications are not to be taken with a gastric bypass. Following Surgery a patient has a small pouch size stomach which needs protecting. Anti-inflammatory medications could cause ulcers, irritation or damage to the bypass pouch, hence it is important not to take dangerous medication and make this clear on a Medic alert bracelet.

CONTACT LENSES Medical ID Alert Bracelet with Lizard Velcro wrist band.CONTACT LENSES Medical ID Alert Bracelet with Lizard Velcro wrist band.STEEL EXPANSION MEDICAL ID WRISTBAND (8.5) (Free Engraving & Sizing)STEEL EXPANSION MEDICAL ID WRISTBAND (8.5) (Free Engraving & Sizing)GASTRIC BYPASS PATIENT Medical ID Alert Bracelet with BLACK Velcro wrist band.GASTRIC BYPASS PATIENT Medical ID Alert Bracelet with BLACK Velcro wrist band.

When a patient has had Roux-en-Y surgery, a small pouched has been created which creates a bypass. The pouch is small and egg size and the “usual” anatomy one would expect no longer exists. A medic alert bracelet needs to make medics aware of a gastric bypass so a gastric tube is not inserted which might damage the stomach. Gastric bypass patients cannot be given a blind NG tube. If a tube is needed it needs to be inserted using a camera to prevent damage to the different shaped stomach.

When spending time in hospital it is good to have a medic bracelet so staff can know that a special diet is required and provide you with the correct food which will not damage the stomach, cause dumping or pain.

Medic alert bracelets are important for many conditions and particularly for someone who has had a gastric bypass.

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Medic Alert Bracelet