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With Father’s day approaching very soon, we have some quirky and fun fathers day gift ideas for the special Fathers in your life. We decided to share some not so common gift ideas from UncommonGoods, an independently-owned business that support causes which impact the world in a positive way.

Looking for something truly exceptional to celebrate Father’s Day this year? Consider browsing through This Page For A Tito’s Gift Set, perfect for the dad who appreciates a fine drink. This curated set includes premium spirits and accessories, making it a luxurious and thoughtful gift choice. Whether he enjoys crafting cocktails or simply savoring a smooth drink, this Tito’s Gift Set adds an elegant touch to his celebrations. Pair it with personalized glassware or a cocktail recipe book for an extra special touch that he’ll truly appreciate. This unique gift idea is sure to make Father’s Day a memorable occasion filled with moments of joy and appreciation.


I do like brands who support important causes and are environmentally friendly and UncommonGoods does this in a number of ways including donating $1 from every purchase to a non-profit organisation. The company supports causes such as American Forests which helps protect and restore forests worldwide. That is important to me and a great cause to get involved in. With this said, here are my husband John’s top 6 gift ideas which he would love me to purchase for him. Asking my husband to pick out 6 items was a great way to spy on him and see what kind of things he would like and now I know!



Eye Glasses Holder


This item is made from shisham wood and is a great way to store is spectacles. This gift could help stop your father from losing his smartbuy glasses or saying: “I can’t find my glasses” when he wakes up each day. My husband is super blind without his glasses and having a handy tool like this would be a very practical but fun solution. Now not every dad wears glasses, but this gift could work for prescription lenses or sunglasses and would also make an ideal birthday gift.  Priced at: £14.88

Gardener Tool Seat


This lightweight steel and nylon garden stool combines the features of a tool bag and a folding chair. If there dads in your family or grandpa’s who like to spend time in the garden, then this is perfect now that spring has arrived. This seat would an ideal gift for father’s or grandpa’s who don’t have anywhere to store their tools as they work in the garden. This folding chair has ample space to store your equipment. Priced at: £28.11

Anti Gravity iPhone Case for the  iPhone 7/6S/6


This iPhone case sticks to any smooth, non-porous surface. Using Nano-suction technology the anti gravity case sticks without needing sticky like tape or glue. This iPhone case comes in a variety of colours. The nano-suction material on the back of the phone does need to be cleaned once-a-week to allow reliable use but this is a great idea and could be really useful at times.  Priced at: £24.80

Nailed It Desk Organiser


You’ll have no problem hitting it off with business associates or making a new client smile with this quirky, spring-loaded desk accessory that brings more than fun to the table: Each piece is handmade out of recycled steel and salvaged tool parts. And the best part? It works! This could be the perfect gadget for a father. Priced at: £47.95

Adventurer Multi-Tool Clip Watch


Packed with trail-ready tools, this gadget combines seven tools at your disposal, including a watch, bottle opener, knife, screwdriver, compass, tweezers, and a toothpick all in one design. With its stainless steel case, Japan quartz movement, and luminous hands, the chronograph will keep you on track 24/7. This sleek aluminium cobra clip lets you keep all your keys handy in the same package. Just grab it and go–you’re ready for any challenge that doesn’t require GPS! This is something my hubby would love and is super useful Priced at: £45.47

Personalised Compartment Valet

John really likes this personalised compartment valet. There are two top compartments and a lower space for storing items such as  a key ring, money clip, watch or loose change. The valet box is made from North American Maple and  you can Personalise this Fathers day present with a name, special date, or custom message. I think personalised gifts are fabulous for Fathers Day and this has to be my favourite of the six items John picked out. Priced at: £66.14

So here are the uncommon gift ideas we like for Father’s Day. I love that this retailer works to produce items which are environmentally friendly and items which do not harm animals or people. This would be a great store to support and it’s been great looking through the site at all the lovely products available. UncommonGoods has been awarded for outstanding customer service every year since 2007. In 2015, they achieved the BizRate Platinum Circle of Excellence award. Which item from their store is your favourite?  What gift would you buy this Father’s Day?

Angela x

*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. I love these gift ideas. Te glasses holder would be a big hit at my house. My Husband can be so hard to shop for.

  2. Nice and useful gift ideas! The eye glasses holder looks really great. It reminds me one of the Easter Island statues:)

  3. I would keep that iPhone case to myself. Lol. I think it’s pretty cool. These are all very good choices.

  4. That’s an awesome list of gift ideas! It’s so unique and they are more great for donating a portion of money to help an organization. I think my Dad would love the Adventurer Multi-tool Clip Watch 🙂

  5. I really love a unique gift for giving. I know my dad would love any of these especially the Gardener Tool Seat.

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