Fun Games for Your Furry Friend

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As a dog owner, it can be difficult to keep your pup entertained all day long. We know how important exercise and outdoor stimulation are but what other things could you be doing to keep your dog happy, engaged, well-behaved, and having fun? What if you’re having a particularly busy day – is there anything else you can do? 

In this article, we’ve listed some of the best ways pup parents can have fun with their doggos to ensure your pooch is happy and tired at the end of the day.  

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5 Fun Games for Your Pooch

Lots of these games can be done together which creates a really special bonding time for you and your pup. Others enlist the help of toys and technology, so you can get on with whatever it is that needs to be done!  

Puzzle Toys

Interactive toys are an excellent way to engage dogs, help them learn new skills, and keep them entertained. There are various puzzle toys on the market and they come in all different shapes and sizes. Some help dogs find treats hidden amongst folds of fabric or sliding doors and others help dogs learn a new trick to find their treat. They’re great for solo play and help to keep dogs happy whilst you’re busy. 

When buying a puzzle toy, it’s important to buy one that’s suitable for your dog’s intelligence level. If you buy one that’s too hard or too easy, they’ll lose interest quickly.  


It’s a classic but a good game of fetch is one of the best ways to have fun with your dog. Not only does it get them moving but it also hones their natural hunting and retrieving instincts. You can play fetch with almost any of your dog’s toys, including balls, cuddly toys, and even sticks. Fetch is also a great way for you to spend time together and praise your pooch when they successfully bring the object back. 

However, don’t worry if you have an active dog and don’t have time to always take them to the park for a game of fetch and a runaround. You could buy them the best dog ball launcher which automatically throws balls for your dog to chase after – you don’t have to do anything!

Create an Agility Course

Agility courses work really well as a way for your pup to get exercise, training, and bonding time with you. Whilst agility classes can be excellent, you can also create your own agility course at home (in your yard). Start off with some poles for your dog to weave through and then you could even make a little jump for them. You could buy a doggie tunnel or use a kid’s one if you have one lying around. It’s a great way for your pooch to learn new things and for you to give them lots of healthy, yummy treats when they do something correctly!


Playing tug of war with your dogs is great fun. They love it! Not only is it an exciting and active thing for the two of you to do but some tug-of-war toys even help to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy!

Just make sure you get a toy that’s the right size for your pooch and don’t play too roughly. Supervise kids when playing tug of war too, to ensure it doesn’t get too boisterous on either side.


If you’ve got a large backyard or garden, sprinklers can be a really good way to keep dogs (and kids) entertained for ages. They love chasing after the spraying water and working out where it’s coming from! On a hot summer day, putting the sprinkler on is also an excellent way for your pooch to keep cool and hydrated.

Final Thoughts

There are so many fun and original ways to keep dogs entertained throughout the day. As well as those listed, you could create your own scavenger hunt for dogs to enjoy (where you hide treats and new toys around the yard or home), get them some dog bubbles, and let them eat from a licking mat.

Dogs are very intelligent animals and it’s important their brains are stimulated so they don’t get bored and display undesirable behaviors.

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