The Benefits of Memory Games for Kids

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Memory games for kids are really important. As a young child grows and develops they will have opportunities to strengthen their working memory skills.

Having a good working memory will help your child to soak in new information and learn how to focus and recall small pieces of information needed for daily life. 

Today I’ll be sharing a fantastic game which is great for helping little ones to develop their working memory skills whilst having fun. But first, let me explain some more about the working memory.

What Is the Working Memory?

The working memory definition is simply this, a system found within the brain for storing and managing information required to carry out cognitive tasks such as learning, reasoning and understanding. 

One way to test a child’s working memory is to use a memory game. you can test memory span using numbers or words to see how much short term information as child is able to recall. 

As a preschool teacher, I’ve always believed in learning through play and so finding fun memory games for kids is always in my opinion much better than sitting and performing a memory test. 

Now for the fun part, let’s review, Who Did This Poo

Who Did This Poo – An Animal Memory Game for Kids

Who Did This Poo, is a matching and memory game created by Aidan Onn and illustrated by Claudia Boldt. Published by Laurence King, this fantastic memory game is a fantastic way to teach and help kids practice working memory skills.

The game is also hilarious and a fun way for children to learn about different animals. Seriously! If your teaching a unit study on animals at preschool or looking for a fun kindergarten memory game then this is the game for you! 

Animal Facts for Kids

Who did this poo is of course full of animal facts for kids. When we got this game out, it created a lot fo fun, giggles and laughter but ultimately was really educational. 

Teaching my friend’s kids about the poo of the wombat, the cow and T-rex was pretty fun and all the kids who took part had a fantastic time. They really enjoyed playing the game and laughing at the same time. 

I think this is a fun game as well as an educational memory game for kids and would totally recommend it as an activity for the home or preschool and nursery setting. 

The illustrations and colour used in this memory game make it that much more fun to look at and play and it’s certainly a fun one for the kids. We think so. 


*We were gifted a sample of this game to be included in this post* 

memory games for kids

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