Creating a Healthier Home for Your Family

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To keep your family happy and safe you’ll want to create the healthiest home possible. There are so many different ways that you can make your space healthier, so let’s make a start.

1. Deep clean 

The first step to creating a healthier home is to have a deep clean and to declutter your house. If your house is cluttered and messy this can create a chaotic atmosphere, negatively affecting your mental health. Unless you deep clean every now and then you’ll end up with layers of dirt and grime, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Click here to contact a great cleaning company.

If you don’t enjoy cleaning there are lots of apps that can make it more fun. To get started try apps like Tody or Clutter-Free. The Tody app offers cleaning schedules and tips, while Clutter-free helps you to banish the clutter from your life. With the right tools and tips, you’ll design the perfect healthy home.

2. Upgrade Your Roof

If your roof is old and broken over time your house can become damp. Unless you repair the roof you’ll lose heat and have high energy bills. If you suspect that your roof may be damaged, arrange for a roofing professional to come and take a look. A roof replacement company should be able to tell you if you need repairs or a whole new roof. Your roofing contractor will be able to offer advice on the most eco-friendly roofing solution.

3. Remove Chemicals From the Home

To create a healthy home for your family, ensure that you remove all the toxic chemicals from your home. Ditch your conventional cleaning products and purchase green plant-based cleaners. Instead of buying conventional candles go for eco-friendly ones. Traditional paints are made with harmful VOCs so it’s best to purchase eco-paints, made with clay and milk proteins.

Getting rid of the chemicals is the best way to create a healthy home for you and your family. It’s also important to check which ingredients go into your personal care products. If you’re looking to find out which products are non-toxic check out the Think Dirty app. For more info on eco-friendly cleaning check out Porch!

4. Grow food together 

Growing food together is a wonderful way to create a healthier home. Consider starting a vegetable patch in your garden, or on your balcony if you don’t have the space. Teaching your kids to grow vegetables will help them to learn about sustainability, plus it’s a great way to improve everyone’s diet.

5. Cleanse the air 

Using an air purifier will help you to remove harmful toxins from the air, these devices are affordable and a great way to make your home healthier. You might also try adding some house plants, these are also effective to remove harmful chemicals. House plants are one of the most eco-friendly interior design ideas.

When you make healthy adjustments to your home you’ll create a relaxing and welcoming space. As you make these adjustments look for extra ways to be eco-friendly. Creating a sustainable home is one of the best ways to boost your well-being.

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