8 Absinthe Cocktails You Need On Your Bucket List

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When we hear the name absinthe, we’re drawn to glamorous stories of the past. The drink that was once referred to as the green fairy definitely comes with a reputation! 

Hugely popular in the 19th century, with painters and poets dedicating artwork to this liquor, absinthe is now seeing a resurgence in many European countries.

This highly alcoholic, pale green liqueur is often called overproof and was once used to treat various ailments. Boasting an ABV of over 50%, it is a great addition to cocktails, adding anise and herbaceous flavors to everything from the classic Sazerac to the Corpse Reviver.

Read on to learn more about this drink and some of our favorite cocktails that call for this unique liquor.

Cocktails You Need On Your Bucket List

1. The Czech Absinthe Ritual

This ‘ritual,’ introduced in the late 1990s, was a marketing stunt, yet many have accepted it as fact. It even featured in modern films surrounding the Belle Époque.

To create your own absinthe ritual, pour a shot of absinthe liquor into a tumbler. Take a teaspoon of sugar and dip the spoon gently into the absinthe. This will allow the sugar to absorb the liquor. Holding the spoon above the absinthe, using a match or lighter, set light to the sugar. For best results, allow it to burn for at least a minute. 

The effect? The sugar will begin to bubble and eventually caramelize. Once the flame has died down, stir the shot of absinthe liquor with the sugared spoon so that it cheats the tumbler. Finish by adding an equal measure of water ice and enjoy one of the most famous absinthe cocktails!

2. Lethal Absinthe Lemonade

It is a superb composition of Absinthe bitter, two parts lemonade, and two parts cranberry juice. This cocktail boasts a strong yet dry and sharp flavor. 

Although it contains a fair amount of alcohol, it still offers a refined, smooth, and sweet taste. Finish by garnishing with a lemon wedge. 

3. Catherine Zeta-Jones

The sophisticated Catherine Zeta-Jones cocktail boasts an elegant mix of creme de mure, Absolut Mandarin, a shot of champagne, and Absinthe Original. This cocktail should be served in your favorite cocktail glass half filled with ice and is a great aperitif. 

4. The Classic Absinthe Drip

Technically, this isn’t a cocktail as such but more a way of experiencing all the characteristics this spirit has to offer in its true form. The traditional way to drink absinthe cocktails involves pairing them with water and a sugar cube.

Cocktails You Need On Your Bucket List

For best results, place a sugar cube onto a spoon and into a glass containing a small amount of Absinthe. Add the water slowly and allow it to drip over the spoon, not ceasing until the sugar cube is fully dissolved. The ratio of water to Absinthe should be 3:1.

5. Appletini

This chic, 90’s drink, a favorite of Two and a Half Men’s Alan Harper, although uncommon, can be served with a dash of Absinthe. The spirit’s Herb flavors perfectly complement the Vodka, citrus, apple schnapps, and syrup. 

Cocktails You Need On Your Bucket List

6. Dark Fairy Cream

Dissimilar to the majority of absinthe-based cocktails, which necessitate a small amount of the anise-flavored ingredient, the Fairy Cream cocktail is brimming with the green spirit – despite it not being green in hue.

The Fairy cream boasts an amalgamation of sweet, smooth, chocolaty flavors, making it a great option for an after-dinner drink. Inside the glass, you’ll discover Absinthe, dark crème de cacao, half-n-half, and white creme de cacao.

7. Sazerac

The Sazerac is another prevalent cocktail classic containing absinthe. It was first introduced just before the substance was officially banned. It combines Cognac with Absinthe, Rye, simple syrup, Bourbon, and a few drops of Peychaud’s bitters.

Cocktails You Need On Your Bucket List

To create this cocktail, you must be a master cocktail creator, as the measurements need to be just right. Its creation is so distinctive that the technique used to make it has been nicknamed the Sazerac style.

8. Corpse Reviver No.2 

The Corpse Reviver No. 2 is another classic cocktail featuring this celebrated spirit. Bright yellow, you wouldn’t know this cocktail contained Absinthe to look at it, yet upon tasting it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The other ingredients comprise lillet, gin, triple sec, and the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon. It’s a great option as an aperitif. 

The Bottom Line

Although it once held a dark reputation and was thought to provoke hallucinations, Absinthe is now an element that can be used to flavor an array of cocktails.

Crafted from various herbs and plants and with an alcohol content spanning between 45 and 75% vol, a little of this anise-flavored spirit goes a long way.

Tasting notes comprise green anise, Grande Wormwood, and Sweet Fennel. These flavors can vary based on the type and amount of absinthe you use.

If you’re looking for a new addition to your at-home bar, absinthe is a flavorsome and unique option. It’s also extremely versatile! 

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