Car Care Tips You Haven’t Thought Of, but Need to Know

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Everyone knows regular maintenance is essential to keeping a car in top condition, but did you know other things are equally crucial to car care? Yes, it’s true; car care doesn’t stop with regular oil changes and correct wheel alignment.

Depending on how you use your vehicle and various lifestyle factors also impact the health of a car. It can be local climatic conditions or one-off life changes, but they all need to be accounted for when talking about car care.

Weather Proofing

For the most part, being outside won’t cause significant damage to cars; after all, they need to be outside to be driven. But for those who live in coastal areas or places prone to adverse weather like heavy snow, long periods outside will cause corrosion quicker than in other places.

Keeping your vehicle in a climate-controlled garage or storage facility will reduce the damage caused by atmospheric conditions. If this isn’t feasible, regularly checking for signs of damage and corrosion and having any found dealt with promptly will extend the life of your car.

Auto Shipping

If you have to undertake a long-distance move across the country, you may think the logical way to move your auto is to drive. However, this option can add higher costs to your move and cause unnecessary wear to the car.

A better option is contacting car shipping companies to find one who can ship your vehicle to your new destination. Shipping keeps costs and mileage down and removes significant stress from the moving process.

Paint Protection Film

Tiny chips in your car’s paint can cause significant rust issues later due to water and salt ingress. One way to avoid minute scratches and chips is by investing in Paint Protection Film (PPF), a self-healing shrink wrap film.

You can opt to cover all painted areas of the vehicle or only the most damage-prone areas. With the paintwork protected, you’ll no longer have to worry about the potential rust that small stones kicked up on the road could cause. When it comes to safeguarding your car’s paint, finding a reliable and convenient paint protection film near me is essential. Consider reaching out to Original Auto Styling for expert installation and superior protection.

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving keeps you safe on the road and reduces the rate of wear on the vehicles moving parts. Reducing wear keeps your car in the best condition for longer, making breakdowns less likely to occur.

Defensive driving will make the likelihood of getting into an accident less as well, which is ideal for looking after your car. Even a small prang can cause significant damage that you may overlook until it’s become a costly or dangerous issue.


Keeping the interior and exterior of the car clean is vital for looking after the car. While a clean inside reduces wear on the upholstery and discourages vermin from moving in. Keeping the exterior clean allows you to see any damage to the paintwork that you may miss under dust and dirt.

As we can see, good car care involves far more than maintenance, with things like car shipping, cleaning, and PPF all important to consider.

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