Camping in Comfort With Luxear Camping Mats

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This camping bed was gifted as part of this review.

This month my daughter Sylvia is going camping. I’m really excited for her. She will be travelling to Hamilton in New Zealand and coincidently is going to Camp Tuhikaramea. The funny thing is, that’s on the same road I lived whilst pregnant with her over 13 years ago.

Camping can be really fun and I remember going on youth camps myself many years ago. My sister and I used a thin foam sheet to sleep on with our sleeping bags. It was quite uncomfortable but we always had fun.

Sylvia has an extra warm sleeping bag to use when she goes on camp and we have been fortunate to receive an inflatable Luxear sleeping pad to help make her adventure a little more comfortable.

Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Luxear Sleeping Pad and sharing the benefits of using this handy sleeping mat when camping. This is great when going on a classic family road trip.

camp bed for camping

The Luxear Inflatable Sleeping Pad

The first thing I love about the Luxear inflatable sleeping pad is that is can be used as both a single or double sleeping mat.

inflatable blow up bed

The pad inflates in just a few minutes and once inflated can be folded into a single pad or left as a double. This is great if your’e wanting more comfort on your own or if you’re sharing with someone else, you can keep it as a double.

inflatable blow up bed

The sleeping pad inflates by pressing down on the built in pump. You don’t need to bring extra gadgets with you and the mat can inflate pretty quickly for packing back away.

pumping up a camp bed

A Lightweight Sleeping Pad for Camping

If you’re planning on going on a hike or have to carry your camping gear on your back, you’ll appreciate the fact that this camping pad is super lightweight and easy to carry.

The camping pad is made from Nylon material and is waterproof which is great for wet weather. The small air pockets make the bed comfortable to lay on and distributes the air evenly.

camp bed blown up

A Comfortable Air Bed Option

I have had a few airbeds over the years and the Luxear inflatable mat is just as comfy and the ones I’ve used in the past. I personally prefer a pillow when camping but the air pillow attached to the this mat blows up well and is comfortable on your neck.

One half of the pillow inflates with the rest of the bed, whereas the second section is blown as required depending on if you use the bed as a double or single.

My brother was happy to test out the camping pad both as a double and single pad and he also found it quite comfortable.

If you’d like to buy this fantastic camping pad then it’s available on Amazon. Even better these camp beds are currently on sale for a limited time only. The pad comes in a handy draw string bag which is good for keeping it rolled up neatly.

If you would like to buy this bed… you can use this 10% off coupon code: TLKMQKPT. This discount ends the 31/12/2022

I’m pleased to have not one but two of these fantastic camping pads and my daughter will be comfortable when she goes camping later on this month!

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  1. I have been wanting to go camping but I would definitely need one of these mats! I don’t want to rough it that bad!

  2. Now this is more like it. I haven’t been camping yet as sleeping on a hard floor isn’t tempting. I love the sound of this product as it’s compact and makes it soooo much more comfy.

  3. I don’t like going camping. If I go camping I will do it to stay together with the whole family and have some fun! And I want to be comfortable!

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