How to Coordinate Your Bridal Party Outfits for That Wow Factor

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According to recent surveys, wedding trends are rapidly changing. For example, weddinggoers now turn their noses up at identical clothing on every bridal party member. That means no more matching outfits.

However, incorporating a theme into your wedding is rising in popularity. Fortunately, this gives you more freedom when planning your custom wedding. For example, a pastel or gold theme will be ideal if you’re into a more elegant affair. Otherwise, “Cottagecore” may be your theme if casual is more your thing.

So, keep reading to be on trend and wow your guests. We’re going to help you coordinate your bridal party colors.

Bridal Party

Choose Your Wedding Color Palette

Your first decision is what color palette you’re going with. This significantly impacts decisions you will make further along in the planning process. 

When deciding between wedding color schemes, you should know some of the wedding details you want beforehand. You will need to consider these before making your final decision.

For example, you may not want to choose black and greys as your wedding theme colors for a morning wedding. Instead, an ideal color palette would be shades of sage green for a morning wedding.

Select a Primary Color

Next, you’ll decide on a primary color or two. These colors will be the dominant colors throughout your wedding. This is crucial because it determines the color of your wedding elements. For example, your primary colors will feature in the wedding invitations, bridal party attire and accessories, venue decor, etc.

Designate Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Colors

Now that you know your color theme and palette, it’s time to tailor them to your wedding party members. This is important because only some have the same shade of skin, meaning the color of the bridesmaid dresses should match each woman’s skin tone. Then you do the same with the groomsmen’s outfits.

Hang in there; all this effort is worth it. Taking the time to plan the color of your bridesmaids and groomsmen’s attire properly means everyone will look their best in the photos.

Decide on a Style

Finally, once you’ve chosen a color palette, defined a primary color or two, and selected the colors for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, it’s time to pick a style. This final step is equally important as all the others and should not be done without thought.

If you have bridesmaids of different sizes, you must tailor everyone’s dresses to suit their weight distribution. For example, if some bridesmaids are plus sized, you’ll need to put in the effort to find plus size bridesmaid dresses, so your bridesmaid feels confident.

But you’re in luck; mixing and matching styles are on point and will fit perfectly with this year’s latest mismatched trend.

Coordinate Your Bridal Party Like a Pro

Wedding planning can be fun if you set a comfortable budget and give yourself enough time to plan everything. One of the best parts of wedding planning is deciding on your bridal party attire.

Ensure you’ve decided on a wedding theme, designated one or two primary colors, chosen your attire palette, and selected the styles you want. Once you’ve done this, your bridal party should look perfectly cohesive on your special day.

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