The Best Ways to Remove Pet Odors for Property Viewings

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As per the Pet Food Manufacturing Association’s (PFMA) Pet Population Report, an estimated 17 million homes in the UK own a pet. Dogs are by far the most preferred pet in the country, with 67% of 60,000 recipients in the Pet plan’s Pet Census being dog owners. 

It’s no doubt that our canine companions are the preferred pet of the nation. And it is therefore important that we ensure that we treat them as such. This means taking proper care of them, including cleaning up after them and ensuring that our homes remain fresh. 

When it comes to selling a home, there are many aspects to consider, one of which is ensuring that the house looks good enough for viewings. The last thing you want potential buyers to encounter when viewing your property is strong pet odors. 

Continue reading to find out how you can make your property more appealing to potential buyers and getting your best price from we buy any house by getting rid of nasty smells.

best way to remove pet odors

Regular Vacuuming

Maintaining a regular cleaning routine is always crucial when looking to sell a house. Ensure to vacuum all your carpets and surfaces several times a week to remove dust and pet fur that may have become embedded in the fibers. 

Ensure to replace the bag in the vacuum as many times as possible, as it is bound to fill up quickly when used to clean up pet fur. While this task is understandably tedious and time-intensive, it is one of the most effective ways of managing pet odor. 

It is highly recommended for pet owners to invest in pet-friendly vacuums specially-designed to clean up after pets. Although such vacuums come at a higher cost, they are worth every penny. 


In the course of your cleaning, you are advised to keep your doors and windows open to ensure proper circulation of air throughout your home. 

Airing your property not only helps to eliminate any foul odors but also helps to improve the overall quality of indoor air. More importantly, if you are a pet owner, it will ensure that pet odor doesn’t have an opportunity to linger. Note that even opening your windows for a very short period of time can have a huge impact. 

If you have potential buyers regularly visiting to view the building, ensuring good quality air within the indoor environment will improve your chances of selling. 

Clean Pet Bedding

Granted, most pets spend most of their days and nights lying or snoozing on their bed. And as a result, this space can rapidly become a source of unpleasant odors, with the animals shedding their fur or grooming themselves. 

It is therefore important that you clean your pets’ bedding as often as possible to get rid of all the smells caught in the fabric. Fortunately, most pet bedding can be easily put through a washing machine. However, it is still crucial that you check the label before buying one. 

All pets want to feel safe where they spend and sleep, which is why familiar smells are important in this regard. However, if you are looking to attract potential buyers to your property, you need to ensure that it is clean and smells fresh. 

Maintain Upholstery

We all love our pets and love to treat them as part of our family. This often includes welcoming them onto our furniture. However, given the amount of fur that they shed, unpleasant smells are bound to arise, which is why it is crucial to ensure that we maintain our upholstery as clean as possible. 

This means taking and using your vacuum regularly to clean up the hairs – obviously, with the proper attachment. Remember, fur can appear in all crevices, so make sure to clean up any sofas or blankets on the sofa. 

We also suggest doing a deep clean of the upholstery. Remove the sofa cushions and vacuum all spaces on the sofa to do a thorough cleaning. 

Mop the Floors

While carpet fibers are notorious for trapping pet fur and hairs, there are many other surfaces where pets can leave unwanted odors. For instance, if your dog enters the house with muddy paws, it can leave a bad smell on your flooring if not properly cleaned after. 

Make sure to use an effective and pet-friendly disinfectant to wipe the floors to prevent a more frustrating problem. Same as with humans, pets will leave a nasty smell and sight where they frequent – if left unattended. If you are a pet owner looking to sell a home, dirty paw prints on the floor and foul odors can jeopardize your chances of securing a good deal and overshadow all the great features of your home. 

Use a good cleaning solution while vacuuming pet fur to help get rid of nasty odors and keep your house smelling fresh and clean during the house viewings.

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