Backyard Security Options – Protect Pets, Children From Wild Animals

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Especially if you live in the countryside, perhaps close to the woods, your kids, pets, (or even senior adults) may face one huge threat: getting attacked by a wild animal. These could be anything from bears to raccoons, foxes, coyotes, snakes, or even rare encounters like mountain lions.

The sad fact is that sometimes these wild species may carry out an attack on your own backyard if you’re not extra careful with securing your home. Thankfully, here are some backyard security options you could consider to ensure your kids and pets are safe from wild animals.

Backyard Security Options

Door Access Control Systems 

Access control systems are often used on common entrances such as gates, front doors, pool doors, and garage doors. They are also common inside certain parts of the home where access needs to be limited to authorized individuals only.

Most of them require entering a special passcode on a keypad to gain entry, whereas others incorporate facial recognition technology and even voice commands. As seen at All Security Equipment, door access control systems come in many different sizes, models, shapes, and designs depending on the intended use.

Thanks to their heightened security features, access control systems can also be used to create a safe space in the backyard for pets and children to play and relax, saving homeowners from worrying about trespassers and wild animals.

Fencing Solutions 

Installing fences around your backyard is another great way to keep out wildlife such as wild dogs, bears, and the like. Besides being an effective barrier against potentially dangerous animals, a fence can also be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any home. It also helps boost your property’s overall security and safety even while you’re away.

Various materials are available for fencing, ranging from plain aluminum wire mesh to treated wood or privacy vinyl.

In essence, there’s something for all budgets if you care to look. Furthermore, many fences come with built-in locks, which further provide extra protection against unwanted visitors from the wild.

Animal Repellents and Deterrents 

For homeowners looking for a more cost-effective option to beef up backyard security, there are several animal-repellent solutions available. The most common ones use natural ingredients that discourage certain animals from accessing the area, deterring them from either smell or taste.

Additionally, planting native vegetation can protect your property by providing natural camouflage or acting as a live fence that’s less attractive to those unwelcome visitors.

Motion-Activated Light Systems 

Installing motion-activated light systems is an effective way to detect wild animals entering the backyard during more intense hours of darkness. Highly sensitive sensors are triggered by sudden movements and will sound a loud siren or turn on a bright light, making scaring away intruders that much easier.

Plus, some motion-activated lights also have cameras that help with monitoring the perimeter for possible infiltration.

Professional Wildlife Control Services 

For those looking for complete peace of mind when it comes to wildlife control in the backyard, then professional wildlife control services can help. Such services provide long-term solutions tailored towards keeping specific kinds of animals such as snakes and bears away from the home.

Moreover, they can offer expert advice regarding the local animal population and other tips which could further ensure your property is kept safe from any potential invaders.

With the right measures and knowledge, protecting your backyard from wildlife intruders is not only possible but also surprisingly straightforward. Furthermore, it can even provide extra peace of mind to homeowners and an enhanced sense of security in both property and family. These are just some of the security beefing options you can consider exploring to ensure a safer backyard for your kids or pets.

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