7 Tips for Moving House With Kids

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Relocating with kids can be a huge transition for the whole family. With everything that’s going to happen, such as leaving an old home, disrupting your kids’ regular routine, and saying goodbye to companions and friends, the entire moving experience can be more challenging and overwhelming. 

However, while you can’t fully make the move stress-free, there are plenty of ways that can help streamline the process for you and your little ones. 

If you’re moving house with kids, below are the seven tips to consider from the get-go:

Moving house with kids

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Talk to Your Kids About the Relocation

Before anything else, it’s important to sit down with your children and discuss the upcoming move. Typically, informing them about the transition may not be as easy as it looks like as they may have lots of doubts and worries about it. Hence, to help put them at ease, make them understand that the relocation will be exciting as they’ll get to learn new things and meet new things. 

Moreover, during the meeting, be sure to listen to and respond to all questions they have. If possible, keep a positive attitude throughout the process so they’ll become less anxious. It may also help if you share stories about your new location and the things they can do to guarantee them that everything will be okay. 

Involve Them in the Process

Another way to make moving kids much easier and less stressful is to allow them to take part of the process. Giving them some tasks can make a big difference in their views and feelings toward relocating. Generally, you can involve your little ones in the transition by doing the following:

  • Allowing them to pack their favorite stuff in a moving box
  • Designing the moving boxes with stickers or customizing the labels using their names on the boxes
  • Allowing them to decorate their new bedroom, such as choosing the wall paint they want

Hire a Kid-Friendly Moving Company

During the moving day, there are lots of relocation tasks that need to be completed. Not to mention the fact that you also have to take care of your kids’ needs to ensure their overall wellbeing amidst the transition. 

Thus, if you want to minimize the burden on the big day, hiring a reliable Moving Company NYC or wherever you may be located, can be a good decision. There are professional movers out there which have special measures to ensure the children aren’t overlooked in the relocation process. 

For example, some companies provide special offers such as payment for childcare services on the big day or other creative ways to engage, including drawings and coloring books they can work on while everyone is busy. 

Pack A Must-Have Box For Them 

Don’t forget to prepare a must-have box for your little ones so you’ll not have a hard time looking for their essentials upon your arrival to your new home. This separate box should include things like favorite toys, lunchboxes, towels, school books, pillows, and snacks. 

With a must-have box in place, you’ll have easy and direct access to their necessities for the first week in your new home. And while you’re preoccupied with your kids’ essentials box, you can partner with a moving company that offers the best interstate moving and storage service to handle the rest of your belongings. 

For example, if you’re relocating from one state to another, you may need a storage facility to keep all your possessions while you organize a home renovation. As such, working with professionals can help you achieve this. 

Learn About Your New Place With Your Kids

In most cases, children are afraid of the unknown. This is one of the reasons why moving to a new house can be overwhelming and stressful to them. As a parent, you don’t need to worry because there’s a perfect way to ease your children’s worries about the transition. You can do this by encouraging them to research the new location you’re relocating to. 

For example, you can browse through the Internet and get some pictures of your new place. Research some local destinations that you and your little ones can visit once you get settled in. Also, familiarize yourself with the fun activities that your whole family can do after moving. All of these things can help your kids become familiar with the new place, making the transition as smooth as possible. 

Maintain Your Kids’ Routine

Generally, most children can benefit from simple routines. That’s why if you want to help your little ones with their anxiety and sadness caused by relocation, then it’s a good idea to maintain their regular routine. This can help them feel at ease, knowing that they can still do the things they’re used to doing. 

For example, if you go to the park with your kids every weekend for a walk or treat them with a tub of ice cream once every week, make sure to stick with their routine so they won’t feel bad about the relocation. That way, the transition will no longer be that tough for them and everyone else involved. 

Organize a Goodbye Party

For your children, there’s a lot to fear about moving to a new house. For this reason, organizing a goodbye party will give them an opportunity to say their goodbyes to their friends, classmates, and everything about the old home, including the neighbors. The party can also be considered a celebration of the meaningful years your family has spent there. 

So, invite friends and neighbors to the party to spend quality time with them before you relocate to a new location. For your kids’ friends, you can encourage them to bring some mementos that will remind your little ones about their old place and the happy memories they shared together. 


Indeed, moving with your children can be a daunting process. With a lot of tasks to consider, things can go a little messy if you don’t plan and prepare.  Therefore, follow the tips mentioned above and you can make the process hassle-free and even fun at times. 

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