50 Foods to Bake With Kids

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Today I am sharing 50 fantastic foods to bake with kids. I have asked mum’s from the blogging community to share their favourite treat to bake with their children and got some fantastic ideas. I hope you enjoy the post and find this super useful. It’s given me some food for thought.

50 Foods to Bake With Kids

baking ideas for kids

50 Fantastic Baking Ideas

Laura SummersLaura’s Lovely Blog

We have two favourite go-to baking recipes at the moment.

Banana bread which is great for using up overripe bananas, and oat cookies which are fab messy fun as the children can get really stuck in and shape the biscuits.

Plus they taste delicious gooey and hot from the oven.

Becky Pink – Pinks Charming

We love making flapjack as it’s nice and simple yet so delicious!

As long as the adult melts the butter and sugar together it’s great to get the kids to help to measure the ingredients, stirring in the oats, and adding the mix to the tin.

Jenny Lord – Midwife And Life

Cupcakes and Flapjacks are always popular in my house.

Becky O’Haire – Cuddle Fairy

We love to make pancakes, brownies & chocolate chip cookies the best. Baking is the favourite as they like to scoop the flour and other ingredients. But measuring out chocolate chips is the best!

Rachel Bitmead – Indecisive Mum

My kids love baking Jam tarts and scones. Oh and Victoria sponge with sprinkles on. Easy and delicious.

Alex Iveson – Better Together Home

We love making avocado or sweet potato chocolate brownies.

Jaymee HeatonThe Mum Diaries

We have literally just finished baking. Our favourite item to bake has to be cake!

Lindsay Moles – Newcastle Family Life

Jam tarts, they are quick and simple and I remember making them with my mum when I was a child too.

Lauren PorterSophies Nursery

We love making carrot cake together!

Sarah Pincay – Twins Make Five

I love making cookies with boys. They very easy to make and seem to turn out well even if the boys have been a bit rough stirring the mixture (unlike fairy cakes that you need to be more gentle with). I always do two different flavours so that they can have a bowl each.

Our favourite savoury recipe is pizzas, we do a simple bread mixture for the base so everyone can have a go at mixing and kneading.

Once I’ve rolled them out the kids can spread in the tomato topping, sprinkle the cheese and pick their toppings.

They are always proud of having made their own dinner and they taste way better than shop-bought ones.

Laura Silvertongue – This Is Where I Blog

We make a lot of flapjacks – so tasty, but so easy to make! It’s easy to modify too, to make it chocolatey, fruity or whatever else!

Lisa Gumn – Mummy Gummie Blog

Chocolate Rice Krispy Cakes or Cornflake Cakes are great to bake with kids. Simple, fun and delicious!

Lynne NewNew Mummy Blog

Fairy cakes are so simple and quick to bake in the oven. It also means there is only 6 or so at a time so the requests for cake after baking don’t go on for too long!

Fairy cakes are also easy for Toddler H to decorate.

Kirsty Winn – Winnettes

We love making cupcakes together. My eldest is only 4 but she is really good at piping icing so she always asks to make cupcakes at the weekends.

Jennifer DixonMy Mummy’s Pennies

Brownies! My daughter loves making up different flavour combinations for them and they are really simple to make!

Karina Davies – Mum’s The Nerd

We love baking rainbow cakes together, my little one is now 6 and really gets involved.

She adores the end result, although we could do with working on our icing skills.

Emma Lofthouse-BurchThey Grow So Quick

I love making muffins with little ones. They are a very forgiving bake and don’t require too much mixing. And of course, they are delicious!

Sarah White – Whimsical Mumblings

Flapjacks. They are easy, fun and so YUMMY!

Erica KnightThe Incidental Parent

Gingerbread Men without a doubt! My son is 6 and we’ve baked them together since he was wee. He particularly likes eating the raw mixture.

Irina PehkonenWave To Mummy

Chocolate Chip Muffins! Every time we have bananas that are going off, I mash them and add them to a basic muffin mix, add chocolate chips and cocoa powder and they always taste great!

Esther HancockInside Out And About

Biscuits. We love to decorate biscuits.

Tracey Witts – Wild Lived

My daughter adores baking and was inspired by junior bake off recently and made strawberry shortcake biscuits, they are now a staple in our household! 

Kelly-Anne Combes – Mimi Rose And Me

Blueberry muffins are my child’s favourite!

Jo Isherwood – Cup Of Toast

We love to make rock cakes! We add extra dried fruit in like cranberries and apricots and sometimes sneak some dark chocolate chunks in too.

Jemma Goulds  Thimble And Twig

We love to make Marshmallow Krispie Treats

Jenny KearneyThe Gingerbread House

We make all kinds of gingerbread biscuits – Minecraft, Clangers, Death Star! We love them!

Cass Bailey – Frugal Family 

We love to bake Unicorn Fudge. It is delicious and easy to make.

Here are some more fantastic baking ideas you can make with the kids

-Lemon Meringue Pie

-Pineapple Upside Down Cake

-Apple Crumble

-Rubarb Crumble

-Bread And Butter Pudding


-Swiss Roll

-Blueberry Pie

-Pumpkin Pie

-Bakewell Tarts

-Egg Custard

-Cinnamon Rolls

-Vanilla Slices

-Chocolate Eclairs

-Rocky Road

-Plumb and Almond Slice

-Bacon and Egg Pie

-Eton Mess

-Peach Cobbler

-Hokey Pokey

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baking ideas for kids

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  1. Wow such interesting ideas to bake with kids. I don’t know much about baking but these ideas sound real fun to do with kids. I so wish to try them. In fact I loved the images that you have used in the posts. They look lovely and so apt.

    1. We love to bake and now my daughter can even make cupcakes all by herself. I am well impressed! I juts help with the oven part!

  2. I’m adding a bookmark to your page because I’m often at a loss when it comes to new ideas in the kitchen with the kiddos. Thanks for making it easy on me next time I get the whim to bake!

  3. I have so many recipes on my blog….. And I just envisioned making some of them with my kid – whenever I have one – how cute!!! I could train them to just eat HEALTHY! lol!

  4. Pancakes are so easy and just so good! Brownies too! Love them! I have never tried to make cinnamon roll but I do love them! all great ideas, even for grown up without kids

  5. What a fun post. I love to bake with my kids and they love to bake with me. I wouldn’t mind trying to add some sweet potatoes to the brownies. I just made carrot muffins this week and one child liked them which is half a win!

  6. Those were definitely fun and easy to bake with the kids. I personally love lemon meringue pie and cheese cake.

  7. So many great things to bake with your kids. I love making banana bread with my daughter.

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