5 Ways to Help Your New Dog Settle In

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There’s a reason dogs are man’s best friend; they’re loving, loyal and always happy to see us. 

It’s our job to reward those wagging tails with a safe home and a good start in life.

Whether you’re introducing a young pup, or an old dog, there are a few tricks to consider when before bringing them home. 

If you’re getting ready to adopt a canine companion, here are five things you should do to you get your place perfect for your new pet.

Give Them a Safe Space

Your new dog will be anxious when you first bring it home, after all, you’re introducing it to an entirely different environment, with new sights and smells. 

It’s important to provide your pooch with a place they can hide away if they want to. Whether that’s a crate with plenty of cosy blankets so they can feel sheltered, or just putting their bed in a quiet corner away from the bustle of the rest of you house. 

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Try Not to Overwhelm Them 

We know you’re excited about the new addition to your family, and it’s probably nothing compared to the excitement that your kids are feeling! But it’s important not to overwhelm your new four-legged friend. Allow them to come to you, you’ll build up a much more trusting relationship that way. 

Don’t let your little ones crowd your new dog – we know they’ll want to play, but your pooch needs time to settle in! And try to minimise visits from friends and family in those first few days. Let your dog get used to you first.  

Check for Hazards

Indoor plants are great for our wellbeing, but they can be toxic to our dogs.

All sorts of foliage, that we benefit from every day such as aloe vera and even tulips, can cause a range of health problems for our animals. Luckily, Dogs Trust have compiled this handy guide to make sure you’re able to keep poisonous plant life away from your pampered pooch.  

Beware of Allergens 

We aren’t the only species that can develop allergies – our pets can too! A lot of dog owners tend to be unfamiliar with potential allergy triggers for their canine companions, but fortunately the experts at Avacta Animal Health are dedicated to their research into animal allergies.

Avacta are more than happy to provide information on the environmental factors that can set off an allergy in your dog, as well as how these allergic reactions might present, and the typical age that dogs develop allergies – this way you’ll know what to look out for!

Get Into a Routine

Dogs thrive on routine, and it’s important to settle them into one as soon as possible! 

This means you should be feeding them at the same time, walking them the same route (especially to begin with, and of course only walk them when they’re vaccinated) and be consistent when letting them out into the garden for bathroom breaks.

Have you introduced a new pup to your home? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below! 

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