Cashew Nuts & Health Benefits

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When we talk about cashew nuts, the origin date back to 1558. This popular flowering seed has its origin in Brazil. Today, cashews are grown across the globe. Similar to many other seeds and nuts, they are rich in nutrients. They are a great source of Vitamin B, protein, copper, and magnesium.

These delicious nuts make for a healthy alternative. Whether you want to use them in cereals or snack mixes and desserts, the options are simply endless. Raw cashews overflow with minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber.

If you are a vegan, you cannot just resist them since they provide protein almost equivalent to meat. Let’s take a look at some of the popular health benefits you would like to know.

Promote a Healthy Heart

Many studies have found that cashew nuts are packed with phenolic and phytosterol composites that can significantly contribute to heart health. They are a great anti-inflammatory addition to curries and stir-fries.

These nuts come with low levels of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Also, they offer anti-inflammatory effects to keep your heart healthy and sound. Likewise, researchers have found that these nuts tend to lower the risk of coronary heart diseases.

It is believed that if you consume around five servings of cashews per week, there is a reduced mortality risk of a heart condition.

Considering the fact that cashew nuts do not have a lot of calories and therefore you don’t need to worry about the increasing weight.

The dietary benefits can clearly outweigh the calorie intake. If you are conscious about your health, consuming cashews can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Manage Diabetes Symptoms

Cashews are among those nuts that help in controlling blood glucose levels which can be beneficial to those suffering from type 2 diabetes symptoms. Consumption of nuts such as cashews can minimize the symptoms of diabetes.

Also, they can control blood sugar to some extent. At the same time, they can control the glucose uptake which makes a great natural treatment alternative to diabetes.

Weight Management

As we have mentioned above, cashew intake does not increase your weight. In fact, it is found that consumption can help in weight loss which can be surprising for many people. These nuts make for heavy-calorie food. They can help in proper weight management since they mostly contain monounsaturated fat.

These nuts comprise healthy omega-3s which help in fat burning and boost metabolism. One serving comprises almost the average quantity of copper required in a day. That means it can better regulate metabolism and boost energy production.

Moreover, consuming these nuts will make you feel full for a longer duration and you don’t need to go for your unhealthy snack cravings. Since they are packed with calories, consuming these nuts works perfectly in moderation.

Bone Health

Cashew nuts are packed with phosphorus, vitamin K, copper, and magnesium and therefore they work all together to build and maintain healthy bones.

Copper ensures bone strength and also makes them less susceptible to osteoporosis and other associated conditions. Another important mineral is magnesium essential to bone health.

They contribute to the overall bone structure working along with the phosphorus. Lastly, vitamin K helps in balancing calcium which makes another crucial mineral helping in better bone metabolism. 

Boost Immune System 

Apart from comprising high amounts of copper, cashew nuts are an important source of zinc. If your body does not have enough zinc, the functioning of your immune system will be affected.

The mineral is highly important for immune system cell production boosting the overall activity of the immune system. Every 1-ounce serving of cashews contains 1.6 mg of zinc which is simply amazing.

Many studies have found that intake of zinc is associated with a healthy immune system. With the right intake of these nuts, you are providing your body the required level of zinc leading to an improved body immunity fighting against many expected and unexpected ailments or conditions. 

Prevent Chronic Diseases

Since cashew nuts are rich in vitamins, they will keep away chronic diseases. In addition to the vitamins and minerals, they are further packed with iron, protein, and fiber.

This makes these nuts a well-rounded nutrient option to fight any chronic conditions. For instance, obesity is a common chronic ailment and nuts can help in preventing them.

No More Macular Degeneration

Here’s another prominent benefit! Cashew nuts contain lutein and zeaxanthin – these are important antioxidants. They can considerably contribute to macular pigment and photo stress recovery duration.

Therefore, consuming these nuts in a required quantity can keep your eyes healthy and prevent any harmful conditions.

Make You Happy!

This one might be surprising for you. The nuts comprise a high percentage of L-tryptophan.

This is an important amino acid component of serotonin. It is referred to as happiness hormone that encourages the feeling of contentment and wellbeing. It makes you super happy!

Quick Tips

Here we have listed a few quick tips to help you in using cashew nuts in different recipes.

  • Make a delicious trail mix using a blend of cashew nuts. You can use other nuts and dried fruit along for extra flavor.
  • How about creating a cashew butter? It is more like peanut butter. All you need to do is blend the raw cashews in a food processor unless and until they smoothen up.
  • Use a mixture of cashews as the topping of main cuisines.
  • Mix these nuts in the salad. You can also stir fry them.
  • Cashew milk can be used as a tempting alternative to dairy milk.

The Bottom Line

If you have read this far, you are more likely to be familiar with the health benefits of cashews. They are rich in protein, healthy fats, minerals, vitamins, and other essential compounds.

Similar to other nuts, they help in improving heart-healthy, weight management, blood sugar control, and much more. Are you fond of cashew nuts? Do share your thoughts or cashew intake in your routine in the comment section below.

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