5 Minor Lifestyle Changes to Make You Feel Amazing

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Lifestyle Changes to Make You Feel Amazing

World events, modern worries and work/life balance can get you down. But you can combat it with minor lifestyle changes that can significantly impact how you feel about yourself and life.

Get the Sleep You Need

It’s said you should get eight hours of sleep. That’s not strictly true. Some people need eight, others ten and the lucky, just five. The trick is finding how much sleep works for you and making sure you always get what you need. For example, undersleeping will disrupt your N3 stage, while oversleeping will cause too much REM sleep. Either way, you will feel horrid.

Additionally, your bed plays a significant role. Beds are expensive, but get the best you can afford. Additions like the Puffy mattress topper are fantastic at making your bed way more comfy.

Do Your Job Well

When you achieve something, such as solving a problem for your boss and saving the company a million dollars, your brain produces serotonin.

Serotonin makes you feel great. It’s why you feel overjoyed when you eat your favourite food, see a rainbow or fall in love. However, there’s a medical reason for it as well.

Serotonin counteracts the effects of cortisol. Cortisol makes you feel bad and is used for creating stress in conditions such as the flight or fight response. But too much causes depression and anxiety. So, balancing the two is essential for mental health.

Talk to Someone Everyday

According to Abraham Mazlow, social connection sits firmly between personal security and self-esteem. Social relationships he refers to come from family, friends and intimate partners.

All aspects of his “hierarchy of needs” are required for physical and mental wellbeing. There is an emphasis on society because humans are not solitary animals. We are social animals that require connections with others to thrive.

Loneliness and isolation are among the root causes of extremely harmful illnesses like high blood pressure, depression and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Indulge Your Hobbies

Given how much you work, you need some time for play. Play means different things to people.

Whatever it means to you, you should try to play as much as possible once your responsibilities are taken care of. It is recommended you use around 20% of your time for your hobbies each day.

So, that’s 32 hours of your week. Of course, our busy lives might not allow this, but you can break it down to four and half hours per day.

If you are a parent, that’s pretty much impossible. Still, you must spend some time doing something enjoyable to avoid burning out.

Take Some Time for Yourself

Unlike indulging in your hobbies, taking some time for yourself is a healthier approach. Your hobbies can be done with others. But as social as humans are, we also need some time doing something relaxing.

Twenty minutes in a hot bath might be all we get for many of us. But you must do this. You need it for personal growth and development.

By spending time alone, you can focus on yourself instead of worrying about work, the needs of others or stressing out about how you will cope with this month’s bills. Just take a break!

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You don’t need expensive treatments to feel great. Instead, you can maximize your sense of wellbeing by getting the sleep you need, doing a great job at work and taking some alone time.

There are plenty of small things you can do to feel happier and more fulfilled. Make sure you get enough sleep, take breaks during the day to relax and recharge, and take some time for yourself every day. Do things you enjoy, even if they don’t have a specific purpose. These simple activities will help keep you feeling good and increase your overall sense of wellbeing.

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