The 5 Day Pouch Test for Gastric Bypass Patients

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The 5 Day Pouch Test for Gastric Bypass Patients

Are you struggling to keep weight off after gastric bypass surgery? You’re not alone. Many people find themselves in this same situation. It can be difficult to adhere to a strict diet and many people find themselves filling up on empty carbs or grabbing surgery snacks between meals.

Regardless of your reason for the regain, the 5 day pouch test for gastric bypass patients may help you get back on track. It was created as a way to help patients test their pouch to determine if it is still functioning properly.

As the name suggest, the test will last for 5 days. During this time you’ll follow a specific dietary plan that consists of all protein. During the first two days you’ll consume liquid protein such as clear soups, broth and low carb protein shakes.

On the third day, you can have soft proteins that you can get from foods such as eggs, tuna, yogurt and cottage cheese.

On day four, you can eat firm proteins such as turkey, chicken, salmon and lamb. By day five, you move on to solid protein such as white poultry and beef.

What Is the Five Day Pouch Test?

The 5 day pouch test is not intended to help you lose weight, although you may drop a few pounds by the end of the week.

Instead, it was designed to help you regain that tight feeling in your stomach that lets you know the pouch is functioning properly. In addition, it can help you get back to the basics so you can return to your gastric bypass diet.

The 5 day pouch test has helped many patients get back on track by replacing a feeling of hopelessness and self loathing with the confidence needed to maintain a healthy weight.

It may be exactly what you need to help you return to your diet, so you can lose those extra pounds you’ve gained since your surgery.

Why not give the pouch test a go and help get yourself back on track?

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