5 Common Addictions

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Addiction is a brain disease that results from habitual indulgence in a substance or activity. It is also referred to as Substance Use Disorder (S.U.D). A simpler way of describing addiction without complex biology would be the 4C’s:

  • Compulsion
  • Craving
  • Consequence
  • Control

All addictions have the four factors depicted, including the five common addictions we will discuss below.

5 Common Addictions

Alcohol Addiction

The fact that alcohol is legal and socially accepted makes alcohol addiction hard to spot. Oftentimes family is the main cause of alcohol use disorder in individuals; for hereditary and environmental reasons. Children that observe their guardians partaking in frequent alcohol consumption are at a higher risk of following in those footsteps. On top of that, it is easily available and cheap. This makes alcohol the most commonly abused substance in the United States. A generational chain of social acceptance. 

Nicotine Addiction

There has been an increase in the reported cases of nicotine addiction over recent years. This is because of the different tobacco forms that are gaining popularity amongst the youths in America, such as vape devices. People often assume that tobacco use is not harmful and thus increases their chances of developing an addiction by using it more.

Marijuana Addiction

The rise of marijuana addiction in the US is mainly because it’s gaining social acceptance after several states have legalized it. A recent study estimated that 16.3 million Americans have cannabis use disorder. Marijuana is easily accessible as it’s grown, and in areas where it is illegal, the chances of trafficking are high. The increasing potency of marijuana has also attracted more users over the last two years.

Sex Addiction

Compulsive sexual disorder is as destructive as any drug addiction. This is a behavioral addiction where addicts engage in sexual activities to release stress away from their reality. Sex addiction is gaining popularity with society’s acceptance of sex toys, no-strings-attached affairs, and polyamorous relationships.

Internet Addiction

After the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in the reported cases of internet addiction. With more hours spent interacting with technological gadgets than humans, addicts rely on the internet to get the dopamine ‘fix.’

Here are the types of internet addictions;

  • Gaming addiction
  • Cybersex addiction
  • Online relationship addiction
  • Compulsive information seeking
  • Net compulsions

The internet has made the world a better place. Imagine traveling miles to deliver a message to a loved one under harsh weather while sick. Unpleasant, right? The world has been‌ reduced to a village, and individuals can do most tasks with a phone call or a button click. 

However, there is a thin line between using the internet for good and bad and finding a balance is not easy. This is the reason internet addiction has become prevalent. The widespread use of the internet amongst children, which is usually unmonitored, worsens the situation. 

Consider Rehab Today

How can you help yourself or a loved one battling addiction? Understand that addiction is treatable, and no one needs to suffer in silence. Reach out to America’s rehab campuses to get a tailor-made treatment plan for alcohol and drug addiction.

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