4 Things to Consider When Returning to Work After Having a Baby

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Returning to work after being on maternity leave can be an emotional time for mothers. It helps to gather all of the advice you can about how to make the transition as pain-free as you possibly can, so here are 4 things to consider when returning to work after having a baby.

Find Childcare 

If you are returning to work, you will need to find childcare for your baby. This can be an extremely stressful and emotional task as you will want to find a child carer you can trust to look after your most precious treasure.

Many people are lucky enough to have family members who are willing to look after the new baby while mum and dad head to work. Often the baby’s grandparents will be overjoyed to spend some time with their new grandchild. However, this is always possible, and parents need to look for professional childcare. 

An effective way to find qualified and reliable child care is to consult a service such as Toddle – an online site that will provide you with the names of approved child care facilities in your area. Businesses listed on this website have undergone strict checks and will provide safe and quality care for your little one.

Pack A Bag

As well as preparing yourself for the coming day, you will need to ensure that your baby has everything they need. Ensure you always have a well-stocked baby bag filled with nappies, wipes, bibs, clothes, soothers, nappy cream, and blankets. If your baby is breastfed, you will need to express milk into some baby bottles and store them in the bag. Formula-fed babies will need formula, bottles, and written instructions on how to prepare and heat the milk. This bag should be given to the person providing the childcare at the beginning of each day, and you should replenish any items that require it every night. It might help to write down any information or instructions on how you wish your baby to be looked after and given to the carer.

Talk to Your Boss

Going back to work and leaving your baby in someone else’s care for the first time can be very harrowing, so before you start back, you should have a meeting with your boss to discuss the plan of action as to how you can both make your return as easy as possible. Ask your boss if they are willing to let you ease back into your working week by doing half days, late starts, or fewer days for the first month or so. If you find that you are struggling to cope emotionally, be open and honest with your boss.

Have a Trial Run

Rather than worrying about how long it will take you to get your baby and yourself ready in the morning, deliver your bundle of joy to childcare and then head to work – try having a couple of trial runs when you can drop your child with their carer and then drive to your workplace without having actually to go to work. This way, you can judge how much time is needed to go through the whole process, and you can also get used to being without your baby in the comfort of your home rather than putting on a brave face in front of work colleagues.

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