4 Home Projects That You Should Always Hire a Professional For

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Almost everyone attempts to update their home at some point. This could be something as simple as buying new furniture or painting the walls, to something more difficult like building a deck or laying hardwood floors. Some projects are easily done on our own, while
others, without a doubt, require a professional’s help. Unfortunately, sometimes the lines between DIY and professional can be blurred.

If you’re thinking about attempting some home improvement ideas, take a moment to consider if a professional is necessary. Here are four common projects that require a


All Home Remodeling Projects

Did you know that there’s a difference between remodeling and renovation? When we think of home renovations, we tend to think of maybe a kitchen— updating the countertops, laying new tile, and maybe even installing new cabinets. We also tend to think of removing
a wall to make an open-concept home. The first three examples are renovations, while the last is considered a remodel.

Anytime you want to knock down a wall to create more space, expand or add on another room to your home, or completely change the layout of a kitchen or bathroom, it is called remodeling. This type of home project requires reconfiguration, meaning that plumbing and electrical work will need to be altered, and that is something best done by a professional. You can do a home renovation yourself, but not a remodel.

Any Kind of Electrical Work

Speaking of electrical rewiring, any type of home project that involves electricity should probably be done by a professional electrician. Electricity can be tricky and dangerous, but
with the proper education in electrical training, it’s safe. If you’re not a professional, certain
projects can cause electrical shock or even a fire.

When doing a project, such as installing a new light fixture, it’s possible to completely shut off the electricity and install the fixture on your own, but as a good safety measure, it’s just
best to have an electrician do it. This also goes for installing other electrical fixtures, such as ceiling fans, and changing outlets and switches. Electricity is nothing to play with and should be handled very carefully— preferably by a professional. For your safety, you can hire a certified and trained electrician in Bucks & Montgomery County, PA.

Pool Construction

During the hottest months of the year (because the actual summer months can mean something different to everyone), who wouldn’t love a pool to cool off in right in their own backyard? Seems simple enough to go out to your backyard and start digging in the ground to sculpt out a pool, right? Well, while you can search for ‘How to Dig a Pool’ tutorial videos, a lot more goes into creating a pool.

Pool construction requires special permits, tools, and inspections so it’s best to leave this one to the professionals too. Like with a house, settling and shifting have to be taken into consideration and everything has to be precisely measured out. Buying an above-ground pool is much easier to do on your own.

Roof Repairs

This is another project many people believe that they can attempt on their own, especially if their house is only one story high, but this is another task that is tackled best by professionals. While the immediate danger associated with DIY roofing is an accidental fall, if roof shingles aren’t placed properly, this could result in a leaky roof. Consequently, a leaky roof can lead to water damage and even mold. Working with an experienced roofing contractor can help you to prevent issues like these. Not only will they be able to properly install shingles, but they can also advise you on proper roof maintenance so that your roof has a long life span.


There are other types of home projects that require a professional, such as window installation, tree removal, and plumbing repairs. However, with these types of projects, most of us are more likely to call a professional instead of attempting to do it ourselves. If you’re a DIY-er, it’s good to know which projects you’ll be able to do on your own and which projects are too dangerous to attempt without proper permits, education, training, and licensing.

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