3 Costly Timeshare Mistakes to Avoid

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Many people are looking into purchasing a timeshare today. In fact, the industry brings in billions of dollars each year in sales alone. This doesn’t take into account the maintenance fees owners pay.

People interested in this vacation option cite reasons why they feel a timeshare might be right for their needs. They like the lower initial purchase price and the fact that they have guaranteed vacation accommodations. In addition, scheduling flexibility is appealing to them. However, men and women considering a timeshare also need to know what could go wrong.

They need this information before making the purchase. If they fail to take certain steps, they may find they need to cancel timeshare, which can be costly. What are some common mistakes people make when purchasing a timeshare? How can these mistakes be avoided?

Lack of Research

Many people fail to do any research before buying a timeshare. They get caught up in the moment and think this sounds like the perfect vacation opportunity. While a timeshare is an excellent option for men and women who want a seasonal retreat without paying for all costs associated with owning this retreat, this is not the right choice for all. You can search timeshare resale listings here.

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Men and women who want full ownership of a property need to consider other options. People who like to have complete control of their finances might find a timeshare isn’t right for their needs. For those who want to proceed with the purchase, certain steps should be taken.

A buyer must research the company offering the timeshare. They need to review all documents related to the sale to ensure they understand their rights and responsibilities. This is one time where the terms and conditions are of great importance. Doing this research ensures the buyer understands exactly what they will get for their money, what they will be expected to pay, and more.

Impulse Buying

A person may get caught up in the moment and purchase a timeshare when they are on vacation. They are having a wonderful time and would love to be able to come back every year with family and friends. However, purchasing a timeshare while on vacation is rarely a good move.

Doing so means a person has less time to review the company and read over all documents. They won’t be able to research the property and the market to make sure it is a good buy. Consider using a timeshare fee calculator as you research your options. While a person may be able to do a cursory search, this research must be done in depth to get a clear picture of the resort, its financial standing, and more. Those who are tasked with selling timeshares recognize this and do a hard sell.

They may offer a discount if a person purchases on the spot or promise to throw in amenities. Don’t fall for these tricks, as doing so could be costly in the long run. A person will save money by waiting 24 hours or more before committing to purchasing a timeshare, as they may find in the cooling-off period that this isn’t the right move for them.

Getting out of a timeshare can be difficult. A person must watch out for scams here, as well. In addition, they may find they lose a large amount of money on the sale, so it’s best to be cautious when purchasing and avoid impulse buys for less hassle in the future.

Maintenance Fees

As with any real estate purchase, a person must maintain the timeshare property. While owners won’t be asked to carry out these tasks themselves, they will be responsible for paying someone to do them. Furthermore, if all weeks aren’t sold, this means those who do own shares pay higher maintenance fees. Failing to do so could lower the overall value of the property. A person must account for these fees when deciding whether a timeshare is the right move for them.

Some people find a timeshare adds value to their lives. Other people regret the purchase soon after the ink dries on the contract. By thinking the purchase through in advance, a person will increase the odds of finding themselves in the first group and come to love their annual vacation. It all comes down to knowing what they are buying and what they will get for their money.

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