Pioneer Nordgreen Watch: A Fantastic Men’s Gift

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Buying the perfect Men’s Gift for my husband has always taken a lot of thought. You see, my husband loves good-quality gifts and so I often look for something which I know will last a long time. When I saw the Pioneer Nordgreen Watch, I knew it was the perfect gift for my Husband.

The Pioneer Nordgreen Watch is a beautifully designed timepiece that any watch enthusiast would be proud to own. It has a minimalist design that looks great and it’s also very affordable.

Pioneer Nordgreen Watch: A Fantastic Men's Gift

The Pioneer Chronograph Nordgreen Watch

The Pioneer Chronograph Nordgreen Watch is a Danish watch designed by Jakob Wagner.

The dial background of the watch face comes in several color options. I chose blue for my husband as it goes well with most outfits and is different from a regular black or white background.

This Nordgreen Watch is simple in design and has a sleek minimalist look. I love that there are no numbers but the markings are clear enough to be able to tell the time with a quick glance of the dial.

Pioneer Nordgreen Watch Measurements

This particular Men’s watch has a case thickness of 11.9mm. The actual watch case width is 42mm and the strap width is 20mm.

When it comes to the strap length you can buy the Pioneer Nordgreen watch with 42mm strap. Most men I know have large wrists and so the 42mm strap was a good fit for my husband. If it was too. big he could remove a chain link but the Nordgreen watch fitted perfectly when he tried it on.

Interchangeable Straps for Versatility

One of the things I love about this Nordgreen Watch is that you can have interchangeable straps. Whether it’s a leather strap for special occasions, a sophisticated mesh strap, or a more hard-wearing chain-link strap. I love that the watch can be changed up for different looks.

I went for the chain-link strap for my husband’s new watch and it looks really shiny and stylish!

Waterproof Nordgreen Watch

The Pioneer Nordgreen Watch is both scratch resistant and waterproof. In fact, this Men’s watch is great for the active man as has a it 5ATM water-resistant rating. So whether your husband is out swimming or just doing the dishes, you can be sure his watch will be safe from water damage.

What Does 5ATM Water Resistant Mean?

The water-resistant rating on a watch is really important if you want the watch to last. The 5ATM rating on the Pioneer Nordgreen watch means it can withstand pressures equivalent to 50 meters or 165 feet underwater. So, it’s safe to say that this watch can be worn in the shower or while swimming in shallow water.

It’s wouldn’t be a good idea to wear this watch whilst doing water sports or swimming in the sea.

Nordgreen Chronograph Watch Movement

The Pioneer Nordgreen Watch has a Japanese Quartz movement which is highly accurate and very reliable. Japanese Quartz movement means that the watch is powered by a battery and doesn’t need to be wound.

This is great for those who don’t like the hassle of having to wind their watch regularly.

Nordgreen Pioneer Watch Battery Life

The battery life on this Nordgreen watch is fantastic! I was impressed with how long my Nordgreen watch battery has lasted without needing to be replaced. The battery on this Pioneer Men’s watch should last around 2 years with normal use.

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Gift Box & Instructions Included

The Pioneer Nordgreen Watch comes in a beautiful gift box which is perfect if you’re giving it as a gift. It also comes with an instruction manual so that the recipient can easily set up the watch and get it working perfectly.

Overall, I think the Pioneer Nordgreen Watch is an excellent gift for any man. It’s stylish and affordable and it comes with a great warranty. I’m sure any husband or partner will love it and appreciate the thought that went into choosing such a wonderful gift!

Ethical Packaging

One of the things I love about Nordgreen Watches is that they are an ethical company. They are a transparent company that cares about the planet and Nordgreen has set out ways to try and reduce and minimize their environmental footprint.

For any man in your life who loves a simplistic, sleek watch design and is also environmentally conscious, then Nordgreen is the perfect watch brand!

This watch was gifted: The review is an honest opinion and all thoughts and words are my own!

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