What Attracts Investors to Calpe

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Real estate for sale in Calpe for expats after the pandemic, COVID-19, is restoring lost positions, and prices are rising every month. Calpe attracts a lot: a paradise subtropical climate, low cost of living, clean sandy and pebble beaches with small coves (length 11 km). 

What attracts investors to Calpe

Overview of the Region

Ifach Rock (more than 320 meters) also, does not leave anyone indifferent, it surpasses the Eiffel Tower in size and makes an unforgettable impression.

The transport infrastructure is one of the best in Spain; excellent motorways connect the city with the airport, Madrid and other settlements. It takes about an hour to get to Alicante International Airport by car, the road:

  • AR-7;
  • AR – 70 (76 km).

Another international airport Murcia is 160 km away; it takes 1.5-2 hours to get there. The same routes can be used to get to Valencia, Bendorm:

  • N – 332;
  • AR – 7.

The real estate market is extensive and diverse, currently popular:

  1. Apartments.
  2. At home.
  3. Villas.
  4. Apartments.

Сalpе will appeal to those people who dream of a calm, measured life in comfortable conditions. There are many restaurants and cafes, but relatively few nightclubs, casinos, etc.

Price Overview

Apartments cost in high-rise complexes from 150 thousand euros. Medium-sized houses in the center of the town cost 250 thousand euros. There are cheaper options on the outskirts, but they are quickly bought.

South-East of the city – fashionable expensive areas. Houses, villas, and townhouses are the most expensive here: from 500 thousand euros.

A lot of real estate is rented out, that is, many investors, buying housing, seek to preserve and increase capital. After 10-15 years, such facilities begin to bring a net profit, all expenses are paid off by 100%.


Villa 290 m2 – for 520 thousand euros.

The new house is decorated with innovative materials. On the first floor, there is a spacious hall and a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen, which is equipped with all the necessary appliances.

On the second floor, there are three bedrooms, each adjacent to a separate bathroom. The plot of land (550 m2) with garden and swimming pool. The large terrace on the second floor offers sea views.

The house has a heating and ventilation system according to the principle: a “smart home”, everything is automated; control is possible from an application on a smartphone. There is a garage, a barbecue area, and a playground with swings.


Villa 855 m2. The cost is 2,300 thousand euros.

The sea is only 120 meters away. Total area 550 m2.

On the ground floor, there is a kitchen with all the necessary equipment, a terrace, and a living room. On the second floor there are five independent bedrooms with bathrooms. On the plot, there is a garden, a swimming pool, and a garage.


  1. Underfloor heating.
  2. Automated ventilation system.
  3. High-quality finish.
  4. Sunscreen window bags.

Original Features of Real Estate in Calpe

Even fifty years ago, Calpe was little known in the world. Currently, more and more investors are learning about the existence of this small town. All this guarantees an increase in demand, which means an increase in price quotations.

No more than 30 thousand people live here, and half of them are foreign nationals:

  1. The British.
  2. The Swedes.
  3. The Norwegians.
  4. The French.
  5. Americans.

There are a lot of elderly people, which is not surprising: in Calpe, there is a peaceful life with views of the mountains, the sea and the famous rock, the symbol of the city. Prices will rise in the coming years.

As crisis phenomena are planned in the European Union and the USA, inflation is growing. Investing in real estate, eternal value is one of the options for preserving assets.

Choosing a Neighborhood

A lot depends on the right choice of the area:

  1. Arenal Bol – modern luxury homes. Here they buy housing for themselves and rent.
  2. La Fossa is an area where there are many rental offers for vacationers; the houses here are also modern.
  3. Manzanera is the most expensive real estate near the sea; there are only exclusive villas and houses. There are few offers for sale.
  4. Tosal and Canuta are also considered prestigious areas.
  5. Maryvilla is an interesting area, located on the Sierra de Toix rock, offering picturesque views of the sea and mountains


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