Waiting for an Iron Infusion for Anemia

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Well I’ve been a little more quiet on social media over the last two months. I’m still around but I’ve not been able to do half as much as I used to and there is a good reason or genuine reason for this. I am suffering from severe Anemia.

I have had an issue with my Iron levels for the past 18 months and following my gastric bypass operation the problem has just become worse. Each time I’ve had my Iron levels tested, I’ve been told my Doctors that the results are very low and told to keep taking Iron tablets. The thing is my Iron tablets do not work.

iron infusion

I know I’ve had an issue with medication absorption for some years. I could not absorb my adrenal steroid properly and so I ended up getting the adrenal pump but now I am struggling with Iron.

My Vitamin B12 was low and my zinc and folate and I am managing to keep them at the lowest of the normal range for now but I simply can’t get the Iron right and as therefore I’m waiting to see the Haematology department for an Iron Infusion.

Unless you go private in the UK, all treatment takes time. There are queues and waiting lists and I’ve been waiting 3 months and in the meantime my levels have become worse and worse and I am simply drained.

I can barely do things. I have no strength and am exhausted. I have this horrid metal taste in my mouth continuously and just feel very weak and exhausted.

I got my referral letter through in the mail at last and so tomorrow when the public holiday is over I shall be ringing and booking my appointment. I cannot wait. I’ve really suffered physically and in other ways.

I’ve had to cancel two blog related events which would have really benefited the blog and I’ve just spent a lot of time in bed resting, inbetween writing blog posts.

I simply feel shattered and weak. Sadly in the past 8 weeks I’ve regained over a stone in weight. I have had a major infection, which means doubling my steroid dose to cope and gaining back weight.

It is a terrible thing to gain what you have lost and feels really bad but I’ve been on extra steroids and unable to get out of bed or out of the house most days so no physical movement means less calories needed too so the combination of steroids and waiting for my iron infusion have resulted in weight gain.

I find it so hard at times. People say it is mind over matter when it comes to weight loss but it’s not always that simple. Sometimes we have medications and conditions which no matter what we do will affect our ability to lose and cause us to gain.

Well I am very much looking forward to improving my Iron levels in the future. I am writing this post and can barely think but I wanted to write an update on what’s going on.

I feel overwhelmed as I have a lot of reviews and blog posts to write in the coming weeks but I shall have to space it out and as simply cut back on the other things for a short period of time.

Blogging is as I always say my sanity and keeps me sane when I’m so unwell so here is my update and I shall keep plodding along.

Angela x

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  1. Oh goodness! I hope you start feeling better. I hope those extra steroids start helping with the infection!

  2. I know this all to well. My son and I are both anemic. Protein Shakes daily really help keep you not to start feeling dizzy! Its a long road but it gets better as you learn to deal with it!

  3. Hang in there, I hope the iron helps and any other treatment you might need. It’s easy to get behind on blogging as I found out after being sick for a week, but your health is more important than anything.

  4. Oh dear! I wish you much healing love and rest. It must not be easy trying to get stuff done while dealing with severe anemia.

  5. I requested a blood test because I am symptomatic of anaemia. My level are 9 and as I don’t tolerate iron tablets I need an infusion. But I have been told today I have a minimum wait of 5 months … I am a marathon walker and exercise regularly because I was told to stay fit as I had an enlarged heard. 5 months will undo everything I have worked towards. This us not good and don’t know what I can do about it

    1. it sounds like me. I have been waiting over 5 months and have no energy to do anything physical…sorry to hear your struggling too.

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