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This is a tutorial for an Easter Bunny Ears Headband

Today we have a gorgeous and fun Easter rabbit ears headband tutorial which is so so cute. I just love these bunny ears and think they would make a lovely Easter gift for the kids.

Hey you could even get the little ones making these with you. What fun!

This is a great Easter Bunny Ears Headband craft and we hope you enjoy this fantastic kids easter craft project!


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Supplies For This Easter Bunny Ears Headband

funky bunny ears

How To Make A Rabbit Ears Headband

Download and print out the bunny ears headband template. Cut the template out.

funky bunny ears

Trace the rabbit ears template onto white felt and white cardstock. Do this two times making sure to flip it over for the second ear.

funky bunny ears

Cut the bunny ears out. Glue the white felt onto the white cardstock.

funky bunny ears

Cut out the inner piece of the ear template and trace onto the glitter cardstock.

funky bunny ears

Do this two times making sure to flip it over for the second ear cut out.

Glue the ears onto the headband. Leave 1 inch of space between both ears.

funky bunny ears

Glue marabou feathers onto the front of the headband.

funky bunny ears

Glue colourful flowers onto the headband. Your bunny ears are now complete!

funky bunny ears

You can now enjoy your Bunny Ears!

funky bunny ears

I think these Rabbit headband ears are gorgeous. What do you think?

funky bunny ears

Download Your Easter Bunny Ears Headband Template

funky bunny ears

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diy easter bunny ears headband