Routines to Calm an Anxious Dog at Bedtime.

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Human mental condition is more freely discussed in today’s society, in particular anxiety.

Canine anxiety is also commonplace nowadays. Generally caused by a sudden change or disruption to your dog’s routine. There are many unique triggers of this psychological affliction. 

Helping an Anxious Dog to Sleep

Here are some of the more common causes:

  • A visit to the vet
  • Ongoing health conditions
  • Loud noises i.e. fireworks/party/thunderstorm
  • New owner routine leading to separation anxiety
  • A lack of sleep 
  • A new person or indeed pet in the home.
  • Grooming

The anxiety can manifest itself in many ways, from inappropriate urination, lack of appetite, a disrupted sleep pattern, even aggression.

Anxiety often hits a high point at bedtime after all the days stress has built up it is often difficult for your four-legged friend to wind down.

So, what are some of the ways to alleviate this stress felt by an anxious dog at bedtime?

Introduce a favorite toy. 

You may remember as a child how safe you felt when cuddling your favorite toy. The sense of comfort coming from a toy you have bonded with can be huge.

For your canine friend, a toy can also work to ease anxiety and help them off to sleep.

You should in introduce a completely new toy for this purpose. Otherwise it may confuse that it is time to play. A toy that doesn’t include a squeaker and that is soft, and comforting is preferable.

The Use of Scents.

Certain scents have a calming effect on us, the same is true of our dogs! 

Essential oil blends of lavender and chamomile for instance, used sparingly can help your dog to drift off to a slumber!

 A tasty bedtime treat.

Many humans tend to snack before bedtime, and it is a good way to cement a routine and help your dog unwind prior to sleep time.

All-natural ingredients that are light on the stomach are the order of the day here, for example, rye-flour snacks. This can really help to settle an anxious dog at bedtime.

Providing a Safe Secure Place to Sleep.

It is important is that we make sure that your dog’s resting spot is as comfy and cozy for them as is possible.

Therefore, a calming dog bed like those from Bobby Bed have been designed specifically with this in mind. The materials used simulate Moms fur when they were a pup. The shape is ideal to nestle into and feels just like being cuddled, which many dogs respond well to. 

Super soft filling offers joint & muscle relief, whilst creating deep crevices that allow your pet to burrow and have a deep restful night’s sleep. This can Improve your dog’s overall health & behavior.

The covers on these beds are easily removed, machine washable. Also, antibacterial; dust mite and mold resistant.

Currently available in three sizes to give that snuggly effect to any size of dog.

A combination of all of the above routines can work wonders to fade away the stress of the day. Don’t forget a well-rested dog is a happy dog!

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