Plastic Fence: Advantages and Installation Features

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Plastic can rightly be called the most common of the materials around us. At the same time, even fences are created on this basis. And these are not necessarily symbolic fences that perform a rather decorative function, but one of the ways to reliably protect your dacha or personal plot from the outside world.

Plastic fence

Today we will try to cover as many areas of the use of plastic fences as possible. If you need good PVC fencing, you can contact Queensland Fencing Specialists. For more info, visit the official company website.

Variety of Design Applications

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is usually used as the basis for such products. At the same time, both figured fence sheets, or options with gaps (fence), and solid products are created on its basis, an example of which is the same plastic corrugated board.

The scale of such fences can be very different – ranging from small examples with which we enclose a garden or a playground in our backyard and ending with structures that will be very difficult to overcome.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pvc Fences

  • All the advantages of plastic, such as resistance to all natural influences, from sunlight to moisture, as well as overall durability, are also characteristic of fences made of this material;
  • External attractiveness and variety of forms. Plastic is a versatile material from which you can make things of various shapes, colors and textures;
  • Simplicity and speed of installation. Plastic fences are already ready for use and therefore do not need to be painted. Well, due to the low weight, such fences are easy to manipulate, which speeds up assembly;
  • Durability and environmental safety.

As disadvantages, a large gradation in quality can be distinguished. Having bought fences from low-quality raw materials, you can forget about high strength and environmental friendliness. These unreliable fences will also emit various harmful substances under certain conditions.

In addition, plastic is heavily polluted, and after rains, stains and dirt appear on them, which is very clearly visible. Therefore, such fences should be washed quite often, and with large volumes of work, such a need can be a very serious reason to refuse to buy.

Finally, one of the main drawbacks is traditionally considered to be the rather high cost of such fences. Of course, there are more expensive options, but at the same time, you can find much more affordable ones. The cost of such a fence can vary from one and a half to six thousand rubles per linear meter.

A Few Words About Plastic Fences

I didn’t install similar structures for myself, but in general, I think that they have a place inside the territory, and not on its periphery. Nevertheless, it seems to me that something more durable, like stone and metal, is needed to protect the house from external encroachments.

When buying a plastic fence, pay special attention to quality. I had an unpleasant experience in this regard, when after a few seasons the fence simply faded from solar radiation, thereby acquiring a rather unpresentable appearance.

I was convinced more than once that the stereotypes about unreliable plastic are very far from reality, since in fact the fence can provide all the necessary protection. However, he still has a drawback – such a fence is very expensive. Moreover, this high cost, in my opinion, is completely unjustified, since plastic itself cannot be called a rare and valuable material.

Although a plastic fence can be durable, everyone can still see that it is not metal or wood. For those who need exactly solidity, plastic will not work, since imitation is felt in its appearance.

Installing a Solid Plastic Fence With Your Own Hands

  • First of all, it is necessary to bypass the territory and make sure that it is possible to carry out installation around the entire perimeter. If necessary, obstacles must be removed and the site leveled;
  • Marking is carried out by mounting pegs into the ground with a thread stretched between them. Holes are dug in the places of installation of supporting pillars. As a rule, they are located at a distance of no more than 2.5 meters from each other, and their typical depth is 80 centimeters. In this case, the diameter of the hole should be twice the diameter of the column;
  • At the bottom of the hole, about 15 centimeters of gravel cover is poured. The latter will serve as a kind of “cushion” for the pillars and concrete supports themselves;
  • The pillars are being installed. In this case, special attention must be paid to ensure that all elements are perfectly even;
  • To fix the pillars, a concrete solution is poured into the hole, after which it is necessary to wait some time until it sets;
  • We mark the places for the fasteners of the sections, or we insert the canvases into ready-made connectors, fixing them with holding elements;
  • At the final stage of work, it is necessary to install caps at the upper end of the supporting structures.


Many believe that a plastic fence simply cannot provide the required level of security. This is partly true – it is easier to break such a fence than stone or metal. At the same time, a plastic fence is similar in strength to a wooden one, and the latter is usually not reproached for unreliability.

In addition, attackers who penetrate into someone else’s territory, last thing they want to draw attention to themselves. Therefore, there will be no attempts to break the fence, but most likely they will simply try to climb over it, or pick up the keys to the gate lock.

In this regard, in the vast majority of cases, plastic fences provide no less security than everyone else, but the protection of the house here depends on other factors, such as a dog on the site, video surveillance, sharp structures that prevent overcoming the fence from above and, of course, good gate lock.

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