My Living Dna Test Results a Suprising Mix

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My Living DNA Test Results A Surprising Mix

Today I am super excited to be sharing my journey of discovering more about my ancestors using the Living DNA test by Living DNA. To find out more about Living DNA, read this review

I’ve always loved learning about my ancestors. In fact as a child I helped to transcribe the 1881 census records with my parents.

I’ve since used many census records to discover who my ancestors and relatives are and learn more about them.

When I heard about the Living DNA testing a year or so ago, I was super excited and always had this as a goal.

It’s something I wanted to do. In fact my grandparents had their DNA tested last year and it was only a matter of time before I went and got my own results which I’m excited to share with you today.

How Does Living Dna Testing Work?

When you sign up to get your ancestry DNA results with Living DNA, you will be sent out a package or DNA testing kit.

The DNA testing kit contains an easy to use swab which you will use to collect samples from the inside of your mouth.

After receiving my Living DNA kit I first had to activate my kit online.

I then opened the swab kit, took a sample by rubbing the swab on my cheek, placed the swab back into a test tube, closed the lid and popped the test into an envelope.

The envelope was then sent off to Living DNA headquarters where my DNA was tested to find out where my ancestors came from.

living DNA ancestry dna test

My Living Dna Test Results

  •  Living DNA Test

My results from my ancestry Living DNA test showed that 89% of my ancestors are from the United Kingdom. I was able to see which regions of the UK my ancestors come from. I knew I had both Irish and Scottish Ancestors so was not surprised to see Ireland and Scotland in the mix.

living DNA

My Key family come from Staffordshire and my Airey family come from Westmoreland (the Lake district areas) and the results clearly showed this.

I was excited to see that I am 5% French. My great great great grandfather Eugene Wood was born in Baccarat Meurthe et Moselle in France. Eugene grew up in Barnsley South Yorkshire and went on to be the Mayor of Barnsley.

I have researched my French line with my mum and finding out that I am 5.1% French is exciting because this means I must have another French line, which must be on my dad’s side of the tree.

living DNA ancestry test

I am 3.9% Spanish from an area called Basque. Basque is a region located in the western Pyrenees, between the border of France and Spain and although I’m not sure which ancestors originate from this location, I am excited to try and find out.

The Most surprising result was that and 1.6% Central Asian. According to my Living DNA results a percentage of my ancestors in my 10 generations come from Chechnya, which is near to Russia, Iran and Iraq.

This was quite surprising and interesting to find out. I have no idea where in my family tree Chechynyan ancestors comes from but find it super exciting.

  • My Motherline

My Motherline data is super exciting to see and read. It goes a lot further back more than 10 generations and accurately covers a few other countries that I know my ancestors originate from. I found it super interesting to find ancestors from Africa, all over Europe, The Middle East and even in South America.

living DNA ancestry test

I am not surprised to be honest because my mother and grandmother are from New Zealand and the Maori people originally came from South America and some of my Maori ancestors married both British, Irish and Sweedish people.

I was so pleased to get my DNA results and see very detailed information about my DNA. I can’t wait for my brother to get tested so we can see his Fatherline.

How Much Does It Costs to Get Your Living Dna Tested?

Living DNA charge a fee of of £99 plus delivery. However they currently have an offer on for £89.

Living DNA tests are really unique because they give twice the detail of other ancestry tests currently available in the market.

The Ancestry DNA test from Living DNA can inform you of your DNA mix across 80 world regions, including 21 areas in Britain and Ireland.

You can explore peer reviewed details of the areas of the world that your ancestors are from and the ancestry line covers your DNA for the past 10 generations.

The Living DNA test not only shares your ancestry results for the past 10 generations, it also shares your direct Motherline and the regions in the world of your female ancestors. You can also get your Fatherline if you are male.

Reviewing Your Ancestry Dna Results

You can view your Living DNA results online or in a personalised book. The results are broken down and their is a guide to help you interpret them.

Results usually come back within 10-12 weeks, however my results returned after only 6 weeks which was a lovely surprise.

I’m really glad I took part in this Living DNA testing and am excited to have learnt more about where I come from.

Angela Milnes

*I was given the opportunity to take my DNA test in return for this blog post*

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  1. I am actually really curious about the Living DNA test, I have always wanted to do and and see if i have more than one African country to be thankful for.

    1. It is and so fun to learn about. My husband wants to do his and I would love to have my daughter tested when she is old enough as she is half polynesian.

  2. I remember when I was younger, my dad putting a lot of effort into setting up our family tree and finding out about our family ancestors. I always thought it was so boring and it was before the time of computer software that helped you do it. Now I’m older I would be so curious to take my DNA and send it off to find out more about where my family comes from! It sounds so easy and simple to just swan and send it all off.

  3. I like the idea of finding out more about my ancestors through DNA testing, but worry about such intimate information being held by a large organisation and what the possible ramifications of that could be. However seeing your results has got me thingking about giving it a go.

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