How to Organize Yourself if You Have Family Moving Over

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As teenagers, most people dream about getting their own houses or apartments. People’s first homes away from home tend to be spaces they use to hang out with friends, learn to cook, and become independent, functional adults.  However, sometimes these spaces are intruded upon by loved ones looking for places to stay. You obviously cannot turn family away if they need a temporary roof. If you have some loved ones who’re asking to move in with you then you might feel a little annoyed and very unprepared.  This post will tell you how you can organize yourself and your home to accommodate new roommates.

Freeing up Space

If you live in a small house or apartment, you’ll likely need to free up some space if people are coming to live with you. Unfortunately, most people today do not have garages or basements. What you, therefore, need to do is rent a storage locker. Whether it’s storage units in Hull or in London that you are looking for, simple internet searches can help you find them. Ideally, the unit you rent should be situated inside a large, secure complex. Storage unit thefts are uncommon but do occasionally happen, which is why it’s important to rent one in a development that has around-the-clock, dedicated security.

An alternative to a storage unit is if you have a spare bedroom that’s not going to be used by your new housemates. You can always move furniture, clothes, and other objects into your spare room to get them out of the way and to clear up some space. It does need to be noted though, it’s much better to keep your spare rooms empty as you’ll give your guests more options in terms of where they sleep when they are staying with you.

Buying New Furniture

Most people’s houses aren’t filled with beds and armchairs. Generally, people have one or two of each. If you previously lived alone then it’s likely you only have one bed in your property. If people are going to be coming and staying with you then you need to make sure that they have comfortable beds to sleep on. You can ensure this by buying beds for them. If they are going to be staying with you for a prolonged period of time, then it’s a good idea to buy them actual beds. If they will only be staying for a short while, camping beds are a good alternative.

Something to consider doing is asking your new guests to bring their existing beds with them. If they’re going to be staying with you for a long period of time, asking them to bring their own beds will make the entire process a lot easier and much cheaper for you. You can obviously ask guests who are staying with you to buy their own bits, so asking them to bring their own will save you the trouble of having to go out and purchase them for them. Make sure that they get measurements of their beds before they bring them just so they can be confident that they fit. Bringing a bed with them that they cannot fit will only lead to more clutter as you will have to find somewhere to put the bed parts.

Setting Some Rules

Your house is your house. It doesn’t matter if your family or the king of England is staying with you, you need to make sure that you set and enforce rules. If you don’t set rules at home then people will treat your house like it is theirs. While it’s definitely okay for loved ones to be comfortable at your house (and to treat it like their own) there still needs to be rules they follow. If you don’t like windows in certain rooms being left open or if you have a pet that isn’t supposed to be let outside, make sure that you clarify these rules with your loved ones and tell them off if they break them. Family members tend to think they are above the rules. Do not let yours think that this is so or that they are allowed to break them.

If you are going to be setting rules, make sure that you don’t set arbitrary ones. Setting arbitrary rules at home can really ruin your relationship with the people you’re staying with. The only time it’s a good idea to set arbitrary rules is if you are trying to get your loved ones to move out and stay somewhere else. Setting arbitrary rules can be a pretty effective way of convincing your loved ones that it’s better for them to go and stay somewhere else. Being a difficult person to live with can also do this.

Preparing for Company

If you have lived on your own for a little while, you will find the Suddath moving company in Sarasota, with you quite unpleasant. You need to take some time to prepare for the company. If you do not take time to prepare for your family members coming to live with you, when they do come, it will be a real shock to the system. A good way of preparing is inviting friends over to stay with you for a little while. Having your friends stay with you can be a fun and entertaining experience, and it can also be an effective way of preparing for more company in the future.

Some other things that you can do to prepare include cleaning up your house, buying some more food as there will need to be food for everybody to eat, and decluttering rooms that they are going to be staying in.  Make sure that you are physically and mentally prepared for your family members’ visit so that you do not end up having a breakdown of some kind. Unwanted guests can be pretty hard to live with, so preparing will reduce your chances of having a bad reaction to their visit.

If you plan on allowing loved ones to come and stay with you, preparation is essential. Failing to prepare can lead to the experience being an unpleasant one. Make sure that you take the tips mentioned here and incorporate them into your preparation strategy.

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