How to Choose the Right Credit Card for Family Life: 10 Important Perks to Look For

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Picking the perfect plastic companion for your family shenanigans isn’t just about choosing a pretty design or snazzy tech features. It’s about smart perks that make every swipe feel like a high-five to your finances. From free stays to fee slayin’, I’ve got the intel on 10 cardholder benefits that’ll have you grinning at checkout lines and beyond. Let’s take a look! 

How to Choose the Right Credit Card for Family Life

How to Choose the Right Credit Card for Your Family 

Navigating the credit card maze for your family’s needs? I’ll break it down with must-have perks that’ll turn your wallet into a powerhouse of savings and convenience. Ready to become an adult like a pro?

1. Choose Visa or Mastercard for More Usability 

Ever find yourself at a checkout counter where your card gets the cold shoulder? Yeah, no fun. That’s why Visa or Mastercard is a slam dunk. They roll out the red carpet pretty much everywhere. On the other hand, hardly anyone accepts AMEX because of their high fees. 

2. Find a Card With an Incredible Sign-Up Bonus

Who doesn’t love a sign-up bonus when picking out a new credit card? Aim for that magic offer that gives you a hefty rewards kickback once you meet the initial spend. If you’re looking for a great card with this perk, check out the AT&T Points Plus® card reviewed by CompareCredit. 

3. Want More Than One Card? Get a Free Extra Card Perk 

Juggling family expenses? Nab a credit card deal that throws in free additional cards. It’s like the cherry on top, letting your partner or teen join the spending party without forking over extra cash for the privilege. Keep your budget in check while everyone racks up those rewards!

4. Consider Signing Up for a Low Annual Fee Option 

Cut the fat on fees, folks! A low annual fee credit card keeps your wallet plump without skimping on benefits. I made the switch and suddenly had extra cash for a monthly pizza night. It’s a no-brainer. Keep it savvy by paying less to swipe and saving that money for something sweet.

5. Favor Cards That Offer Cashback on Gas and Groceries

Rolling up to the gas pump or hitting the supermarket aisles can be a treat with a cashback credit card in your pocket. These cards give you a slice of your spending back, making everyday errands feel like you’re scoring deals every time. It’s like getting paid for adulting.

6. Find Cards With Flexible Redemption 

Locking down a credit card with flexible redemption options is a good idea. No being boxed into the corner, just sweet freedom to use your points on pretty much anything that tickles your fancy. That kind of versatility with rewards? Total game-changer for making every point count!

7. Opt for Roadside Assistance Perks if You Drive A Lot

Got a car that feels like your second home? It’s a smart move to scoop up a credit card with roadside assistance perks. Trust me, when you’re stranded with a flat or out of fuel, that’s the lifeline you’ll thank your lucky stars for. It turns mayhem into a ‘no biggie’ in no time flat!

8. Paying for Air Travel? Find a Travel Card That Cuts These Expenses 

Snagging a travel credit card that shreds those extra flying costs is clutch. It’s like having a boarding pass to savings, slashing anything from pesky baggage fees to granting posh lounge access. Because the only thing better than jet-setting is saving some coin while you’re at it.

9. Paying for Hotels? Find a Travel Card That Gives You Free Stays

For the hotel regulars: hook yourself up with a credit card that racks up free nights faster than your suitcase collects travel stickers. Picture this: each hotel checkout with a smaller bill, or better yet, on the house! It’s about turning those stays into pays or rather, no-pays.

10. Move Around? Try No Foreign Transaction Fees or Car Rental Perks

Globe-trotters and road warriors, unite! If your lifestyle has more pin drops than a Google map, make sure your credit card crushes foreign fees and hooks you up with car rental perks. It’s all about keeping it cool with the cash while living ‘on the go.’ Because who needs extra charges? 

In Conclusion… 

You’re now armed with the deets on what perks to peek at when hunting down that next family credit card. Imagine less stress over bills and more cheers for how savvy you’ve become. So don’t just sit on this gold mine of info. Go forth and snag a card that showers you with benefits! 

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