Easy Moroccan Recipes for the Family to Enjoy

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Are you looking for Moroccan Recipes to enjoy with the family? I have some easy Moroccan food recipes for the family to enjoy. Moroccan cuisine is something that is very enojable! Traditional Morccan food recipes include Pastilla, Harira, Khobz, Zaalouk, and so much more.

Where Is Morocco?

Morocco is an African country very very close to Portugal and Spain. In fact you can see Morocco from Spain and if you’d like to visit to try some traditional Moroccan food you can go on a day trip from Spain to Morocco very easily.

Today we have some fantastic Moroccan food ideas which you will love and will allow you to bring the taste of Morocco to your home. Enjoy!

Easy Moroccan recipes you will love

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Easy Moroccan Recipes

Instant Pot Moroccan Chicken with Passion Fruit Black Iced Tea – Living Sweet Moments

Want to try something delicious? Give this Moroccan chicken a try! I think you’ll love the tea as well.


30 Minute Instant Pot Moroccan Chicken – Urban Bliss Life

Looking for another Moroccan recipe? Give this one a try! Moroccan Recipes are plentiful and delicious.


Moroccan Inspired Crock Pot Beef Stew – Kitchen Counter Chronicle

I’ve been wanting to try a beef stew type recipe. This one will hit the spot. Give this a try because it’s always fun to try new recipes.


Moroccan Spiced Chicken Enchiladas with Harissa Red Sauce – Climbing Grier Mountain

One of our favorite recipes around here are chicken enchiladas. However, when you put a Moroccan spin on it, you’re going to get something super delicious.

Moroccan Carrot Salad – Chelsea’s Messy Apron

If you have never tried a Moroccan Carrot Salad before, this is one recipe that you need to try.


Moroccan Potato Salad – Climbing Grier Mountain

We do love Moroccan salad recipes in our family and this recipe is something I enjoy making for the family.



Moroccan Spiced Scallops with Whipped Feta, Green Harissa, and Naan Toasts – Climbing Grier Mountain

Make a Moroccan fest for your family with this recipe! I like to make this around the holidays and everyone seems to enjoy it.


Tasty Moroccan Food Ideas

Spiced Moroccan Chicken Wrap – The Cozy Apron

Do you love a good chicken wrap? You have never had a chicken wrap as delicious as this one! Give it a try and let me know what you think.


Moroccan Beef with Apricots and Dates – A Calculated Whisk

Moroccan Beef is ever so delicious and one of my favorite proteins. When you add apricots and dates to the recipe, you are giving the beef so much flavor.

moroccan beef

Moroccan Lamb Filo Parcels – A House Full of Sunshine

Now is a great time to try lamb with this Moroccan Lamb Filo Parcels. It’s a fun recipe too, full of yummy ingredients.

lamb parsel

One Pan Moroccan Lemon and Olive Chicken – A Communal Table

I love one pan dinners, they are so easy to make! One of my favorite Moroccan Recipes is this Moroccan Lemon and Olive Chicken. It’s delicious!


Moroccan Instant Pot Split Pea Soup – Recipes From a Pantry

Get your Instant Pot out and make this Moroccan Instant Pot Split Pea Soup. You’ve never had split pea soup like this before.


One Pot Moroccan Chicken – Girl and the Kitchen

Let’s talk about this easy Moroccan chicken recipe. It’s a one pot recipe that you will find super easy to make. It’s a great week night meal.


Moroccan Chicken Pastilla – The Delicious Crescent

Have you ever had Chicken Pastilla? I’m going to say that this is one of the best recipes you’ll find for pastilla out there.


Ras El Hanout Chicken Kebabs – Beyond Me Resustenance

Check out these chicken kebabs, you’ll love the flavor! Plus, you’ll get the Moroccan spin on this delicious dish!


Moroccan Lentil Chickpea Stew – Vanilla and Bean

This Lentil Moroccan Chickpea stew recipe is a great recipe for the long winter ahead. You can get lots of protein in your system with this recipe.


Moroccan Stuffed Sweet Potatoes – Choosing Chia

Have you ever had sweet potatoes? If not, you need to give this Moroccan Stuffed Sweet Potatoes recipe a try.


More Moroccan Family Recipes

Moroccan Chicken Tagine – Once Upon a Chef

Moroccan chicken tagine recipe is tangy and it’s just the way I like it. Your whole family will love it, I promise.


Moroccan Couscous with Chick Peas, Spinach, and Dried Fruit – Beyond Me Resustenance

If you’ve never had chick peas, spinach, and dried fruit in a recipe, this is something that you need to try! It’s different but yummy!


Moroccan Roasted Potatoes – Lets Dish Recipes

Have extra potatoes on hand? You should make this Moroccan Roasted Potatoes recipe. It’s simply, yet works perfectly as a side dish for your next dinner.


Moroccan Lamb Meatballs – Sprinkles and Sprouts

This Moroccan lamb recipe is a popular recipe around here. If you’ve never tried lamb, give it a try with this new and scrumptious recipe.


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moroccan recipes

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