Handheld Power Drills: Easy DIY You Can Do Yourself

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Britons are known, somewhat stereotypically admittedly, as lovers of fish and chips, tea, and queuing.

They are also known for a love of DIY projects and there are numbers to back this up. According to research from American Express, the average Briton will spend £1,380 on DIY in 2023, equating to an eye-watering £38.7 billion as a nation.

The coronation of King Charles III added an extra bank holiday to the UK calendar in 2023, so there has been ample time to set aside for home-improvement projects.

Have you yourself been looking for something to do to spruce up the home? Well, with a handheld power drill, you can complete a variety of projects around the house. Here are some to consider.

Easy DIY you can do yourself

Make a Coat Rack

Ever find yourself with coats laying strewn over chairs or placed untidily on stairways or bannisters?

Well, you certainly would not be alone. But with a decent power drill you could help declutter your entryway with a decent coat rack.

Have a piece of wood cut to a size that will fit neatly in your hallway, then drill holes ready to place in hooks after you have stained the wood and let it dry.

Just a little tip, though, you will want the rack mounted to studs or wall anchors.

Replace Cabinet Hardware

If you feel like your kitchen is looking a little tired but do not have the money for a full replacement or even you just want a small refresh, then you can consider replacing the cabinet hardware and all you need is a cordless drill.

Use a screwdriver bit in your drill to remove the old cabinets then, if it is possible, use the existing holes when you mount the new ones. If you are unable to do so, you might need to patch over the old holes if the fresh new cabinets don’t cover them.

Make a Candle Holder

For the craft lovers among you, if you have a small handheld drill you could use a spade bit to make some quaint wooden candleholders, you’ll just need to make sure the wood is big enough to hold a candle.

You can then paint it, stencil it, and stain it any way you wish to fit the ambiance of your home.

Once it is in the shape and style you like, use the spade fit to drill a hole that will fit the sort of candle you want to use. It might be worth starting with a smaller hole so that you can test it and make a bigger hole if need be.

Replace Drawer Slides

Drawers are so useful around the home for storage, but years of opening and closing them can lead to natural wear and tear on drawer slides.

Thankfully, replacing them is an easy DIY project with your hand drill using Milwaukee drill bits.

Use your drill to remove the old slides, take these to a hardware store to find a match in terms of size and type, then mount the new ones when you get back. You can also add shockwave sets to add more impact.

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