7 Cool Ways to Create the Ultimate Minimalist Living Room

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It’s no secret that you have many choices open to you when thinking about how to style your living room. You’re likely reading this article today because you’re thinking about a minimalist style for your living room. However, you don’t want to have a monotone look to it!

While it’s entirely possible to add some colour to a new living room layout and design, it’s very easy to go overboard with your choices and end up with a visually chaotic living space. What should you do?

The following seven ideas and examples will give you some inspiration and guide you to making the best choices for your new-look minimalist living room design:

1. White Walls

White might seem a “boring” colour for your living room walls. But it offers numerous advantages for your mission of creating the ultimate minimalist living room!

Firstly, any colour goes well with white. That means you have a greater choice for designer furniture, furnishings, and other accessories you want to use. Secondly, white paint is super cheap and won’t make a significant dent on your budget.

Lastly, painting your walls white will make a small living room appear bigger than it is, especially when you floor your living space with lots of natural light.

2. Wooden Flooring

There are two ways you can go with wooden flooring. The first option involves stripping back the top layer of your existing wood floorboards with a sander and then coating each piece of wood with a glossy, protective film.

The second option is opting for some laminate flooring. With this choice, you can select from a vast range of different styles, sizes, and finishes. Whichever option you choose will make your living room fantastic and even add value to your property.

3. Large Colourful Rug

Once you’ve sorted out your flooring, an excellent way to create a focal point in the centre of your living room is by choosing and laying down a beautiful rug.

You can get the inspiration you need from places like Rugstore NE if you’re unsure what style or colour(s) to select for your living room rug. What’s more, the experience may also inspire you to do the same thing for other rooms in your home!

Getting a rug for a hardwood floor is a must – especially on those cold winter mornings.

4. Bold Sofa Colour

While it’s true that you want to create a minimalist look for your living room, the last thing you want is a monochrome design that seems to be the trend for many homes these days.

Adding a splash of colour to an otherwise plain-looking room will never be the wrong thing to do. Just make sure you don’t go wild and have a kaleidoscope of colours!

It makes sense to limit your choices to one or two bold colours, such as a bright orange sofa, or a grey sofa with some green cushions, to create a subtle yet powerful focal point in your living room.

5. Unobtrusive Plants

You only have to visit your local garden centre to come across an array of indoor plants you could get for your living room. The trouble is, which ones should you choose?

The answer will depend on how much space you’ve got available in your living room. For example, it makes sense to choose small potted plants if space is at a premium.

You could go bigger if you’ve got a lot of space and the plants won’t take up a significant amount of your living room.

6. Warm Artwork

So far, you’ve been concentrating on things to put above your living room floor. But what about the walls? At the moment, they are bare, white, and don’t look particularly interesting.

A good way to solve that problem is by investing in some select artwork to adorn your walls! The type of art you choose will, of course, depend on your artistic tastes.

However, the general rule for living room design is to choose artwork that is warm and looks good yet doesn’t distract people’s focus whenever they enter your living space.

7. Simple Lights

Lastly, take the time to choose some living room lighting options that are both bold and simplistic in their design. For example, you could opt for metal lampshades to give your living room a slightly industrial look.

Alternatively, you could invest in LED downlights that are recessed into the ceiling, resulting in a bigger-looking living room.

Good luck – and have fun designing your new minimalist living room design!

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