The Technology That Makes Gamma Jacket Outstanding

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Choosing a jacket that won’t let you down regardless of the weather conditions is challenging.

You need to ensure that the jacket provides sufficient wind and waterproofing, and offers good insulation without compromising on breathability.

But also, the jacket you choose shouldn’t weigh a ton to make for easier transportation and wearing.

With all that in mind, the GAMMA Jacket is among the newest arrivals in the outdoor apparel industry and it aims to outperform the competitors.

But what makes this jacket special?

To answer the question, we’ll explore the cutting-edge technology that went into making GAMMA.

Graphene – The Technology Revealed

Yes, graphene is what makes this jacket so unique as it gives the garment special characteristics and durability. But before exploring how strong and resistant the jacket is, it’s best to define graphene.

What Is Graphene?

Graphene consists of carbon atoms layered in a hexagonal lattice. Granted, this definition is a bit scientific, so let’s make things simpler.

Many agree that graphene is a wonder material because it’s currently the thinnest material on the planet, but it boasts impressive strength. Compared to steel, graphene is roughly 200 times stronger.

Moreover, the material has excellent heat conductivity and light absorption, making it an excellent choice for an all-climate jacket. However, it’s still not widely used for apparel, even though potential uses don’t stop at technical applications.

It’s interesting to note that Konstantin Novoselov and Andre Geim won the Physics Nobel prize in 2010 for conducting experiments with this material. And this is when graphene gained mass appeal for its special characteristics.

Graphene application in outdoor apparel could be groundbreaking because of the properties it gives to the clothing. So, here’s what you can expect with the GAMMA jacket.

Strong and Durable

Because graphene is so much stronger than steel, your jacket becomes virtually indestructible. You don’t need to worry about tears or rips when you’re on an outdoor adventure. Better yet, sharp knives can’t puncture the material.

This can be invaluable when you’re enjoying an active outdoor holiday. But it also works great for outdoor workers handling different equipment in rough weather. Although the jacket wasn’t primarily designed as work clothes.

But all that strength and durability doesn’t add to the jacket’s weight. GAMMA weighs roughly the same as your hoodie, so you can easily take it anywhere.


As mentioned, graphene has excellent light absorption capabilities that make the jacket UV-proof. But it’s also wind, heat, and waterproof. This outdoor jacket will keep you warm regardless of the outdoor temperature, and you’ll stay dry as well.


The secret is in graphene’s hexagonal lattice. It can control the heat transfer by spreading it evenly throughout the jacked, protecting your torso from sudden gusts of cold wind.

But the best thing is that GAMMA also has built-in heaters to supplement graphene conductivity when it’s extremely cold. This is another reason you won’t be bothered by strong, cold winds and could take a jacket on a winter mountain hike.

However, if you happen to wear GAMMA in warmer weather, the jacket will expel the excess heat, keeping your body cool. It’s safe to say that the material itself acts as a second skin. And you won’t sweat, even after hours of wearing the jacket.

Hypoallergenic and Antimicrobial

Allergens such as ivy or pollen can’t penetrate the graphene surface. Also, they can’t stick to the jacket, so there’s no reason to worry about secondary contamination when you get home.

The jacket also features a hood that can be adjusted to protect most of your face. But if you suffer from extreme allergic reactions, it might be best to get additional protection for your face and respiratory tract.

As for antimicrobial properties, the germs simply can’t survive on graphene. The material wicks off moisture, both outside and inside, creating an inhospitable environment for the microbes.

The added benefit here is that there’s no risk of developing odors or skin irritation even when you wear the jacket for days. Again, this is due to graphene’s breathability and moisture-repellent properties.


Due to its structure and characteristics, graphene prevents insects from sensing your skin. And as you know, the material is super-strong so larger bugs won’t be able to pierce it either.

Yes, your face and head could be exposed if you don’t put on the hood. But you should be able to spot the flying critters easily, so don’t worry about the bites.

What About Maintenance?

Given all its properties and the exotic material, you might believe that GAMMA jacket requires special TLC. But you can wash it in a washing machine, just like any piece of clothing. Because of its strength, graphene will be able to withstand any cycle you throw at it.

Better still, you probably won’t need to wash it that often. It’s hard to get this jacket dirty because it repels liquids and doesn’t attract moisture. As highlighted before, bodily odors won’t stick to the material so your jacket will be as good as new even if you put it through its paces.

Graphene for the Future

Whichever way you look at it, graphene is amazing material particularly when applied to garments. The level of durability and strength it provides is hard to rival, giving you a peace of mind that you’ll never be exposed to the elements.

But there’s another non-tech aspect of the GAMMA jacket this article hasn’t covered yet.

It’s very stylish and suitable for fashionistas as well as users who need superior weather proofing. With its black color and sleek design that contours to any figure, GAMMA makes you look good and protects your body.

Also, there are built-in extensions for your hands to completely seal the sleeves. And if necessary, you can easily put on gloves on top of the hand extensions.

Lastly, it would be interesting to see what the future holds and what kind of garment will also utilize graphene. But for now, GAMMA is the only graphene-infused outdoor jacket.

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