Duis in Maryland: Understanding Your Legal Rights

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Drunk driving is an offense with serious legal repercussions, which is why you’re always advised to have a designated driver when you feel like you may be intoxicated. 

In Maryland, you might face severe penalties for a DUI conviction, which include fines, jail sentences, and license suspension. 

If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Maryland, it’s crucial to understand your legal options and to contact a qualified drunk driving accident attorney.

The Legal Side Of An Injury | DUI in Maryland

What Are the Legal Repercussions of a Dui in Maryland?

First-time offenders may face fines of up to $1,000, a year in jail, or a six-month license suspension, among other penalties. Even harsher punishments, such as longer jail terms, heftier fines, and longer license suspensions, may apply in cases of subsequent DUI convictions.

The driver’s license suspension may last up to six months for a first-offense DUI. A driver’s license may be suspended for up to a year after a second DUI offense. If an accident occurred while the offender was driving under the influence, the driver’s license suspension is doubled for each violation. Additionally, offenders must finish a substance addiction education program and perhaps have an ignition interlock device installed on their car.

It is important to note that if this is your first time as a DUI offender, you’re eligible for probation before judgment (PBJ). Probation before judgment means that a conviction will not be entered on your record after completing your probation.

Understanding Your Legal Rights

Understanding your legal rights is critical if you’ve been charged with DUI in Maryland. Your right to silence and your right to legal representation comes first. It’s essential to exercise these rights and not say anything that could incriminate you until you have spoken with a drunk driving accident attorney.

You can also refuse to take a breathalyzer test and a field sobriety test. Remember that the tests help the officers to build their case against you. However, by rejecting the tests, you risk jail, or your license may automatically be suspended for 120 days. 

Seeking the Help of a Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

The assistance of an experienced drunk driving accident lawyer is necessary if you have been arrested for a DUI. A drunk driving accident attorney can also help you navigate the legal system and negotiate with prosecutors to minimize the legal consequences of your DUI. If necessary, they can represent you in court.

When hiring a drunk driving accident attorney, choose one with experience handling DUI matters and who is familiar with the local court system. You will work closely with your attorney throughout your case, so finding someone you trust and who understands your needs is essential.


Understanding your legal rights is crucial if you have been arrested for a DUI in Maryland. The first step to building a solid defense is to choose a qualified lawyer with legal experience. You can have your charges dismissed or dropped with the proper legal representation. Remember that good drunk driving accident attorneys offer free legal consultation for their clients.

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