4 Ways in Which Drinking Water Can Help You Restore Your Mind-Body Balance

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Dalai Lama XIV once said, “if the mind is tranquil and filled with positive thoughts, the body will hardly fall prey to any diseases.” But unfortunately, lots of activities can cause an imbalance between your mind and body by reducing your physical performance or negatively affecting your brain’s functioning.

You can restore this balance and start self-care in several ways, including staying hydrated. Water improves physical performance and keeps the brain functioning properly. The results are renewed energy levels and improved mood.

Drinking Water Can Help You

Restoring Your Mind-Body Balance by Drinking Water

The following are ways water restores the balance between your mind and body.

1. By Improving Physical Performance

Did you know that dehydration can start to set in if you lose just 2% of your body’s water content? Even more astonishing is that athletes can lose between 6% and 10% of their water weight through sweat.

Once dehydration sets in, you will likely suffer from increased fatigue, reduced motivation, and altered body temperature control. Also, insufficient water in your body can make you feel like working out is extremely tedious and mentally and physically demanding.

Needless to say, all these are likely to cause an imbalance between the body and the mind. Fortunately, you can quickly fix them by staying hydrated, especially during intense exercise or if you find yourself in a high-heat environment.

2. By Improving the Brain Function and Energy Levels

The brain should function at its best for the mind and body balance to be restored. But for the brain to function perfectly, it must stay hydrated. Unfortunately, recent studies have proven that even mild dehydration caused by losing just 1% to 3% of body weight can make the brain function improperly.

A study on young women also showed that losing 1.4% of fluids after exercise can significantly affect concentration and mood. Plus, it can make you experience headaches more frequently.

Most of this research also carried out a similar study among young men. And they found that losing 1.6% of fluids can greatly impact how your memory works. But, unfortunately, it can also make you feel anxious and fatigued more frequently.

The good news is that drinking the right amount of water can help you avoid all these. As a result, your mood will improve, and so are your concentration levels. Also, you will not feel fatigued and anxious, which, in turn, means your mind-body balance will be restored.

3. By Preventing a Hangover

A hangover can cause an imbalance between your mind and body. After drinking alcohol, most people experience unpleasant symptoms the following day. These symptoms may include mild migraine and general weakness. That being said, they are likely to disrupt how the mind and body function in tandem.

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means that when you take it, you are bound to lose more water than you consume. As such, be sure to drink a glass of water between drinks. Moreover, do not go to bed before taking at least a glass of water.

All of these reduce hangovers, thereby keeping your mind at peace. And when you are peaceful and calm, the body will function as it should.

4. Can Help Prevent Headaches

Headaches can also disrupt the connection between the mind and the body. And one of the most common symptoms of dehydration is a headache.

A study was carried out on 102 men. And it found that drinking an extra 1.5 liters (50.7 ounces) of water daily led to massive improvements in a scoring system for migraine symptoms. The scoring system is called the Migraine-Specific Quality of Life scale.

Nevertheless, whether drinking more water can help restore your mind-body balance by preventing headaches remains to be fully confirmed. That is because not enough research is done on this topic.


Water makes up 60% of our body. This means the mind and body rely heavily on it to perform optimally.

You can stay hydrated and restore your mind-body balance by investing in a quantum drinking bottle. It is highly recommended because of the following benefits:

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• Handmade and designed with bamboo

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In addition to these benefits, a quantum drinking bottle looks gorgeous and is very portable. You can carry it to the office, gym, or during nature walks.

Water is an essential part of the human body. It regulates the body temperature and functions as a transporter of nutrients. It also plays a key role in digestion and waste product management. Moreover, it can enhance the functioning of the brain. Science agrees that people who drink sufficient water feel less fatigue and stress. Also, they feel happier. In other words, stay hydrated!

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