Creative Ideas for Your Garage

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Most houses in the United States and Canada have large garages attached, not all used for parking cars. In most cases, they are either empty or serve as storage rooms for “we might need one-day” things.

However, with some dedication and a good idea, those uninspiring, cold, and sober places can be transformed into highly appealing and functional ones. So, if you have an underused garage and want to make the most of that space, here are some tips from an owner of A Plus Garage Doors company introduce a few creative ideas.

Creative Ideas for Your Garage

Turn It Into a Home Cinema

The size of a garage and the absence of windows make the area a perfect “ground” for a home cinema. The remodeling process won’t require a major investment unless you prefer expensive equipment and large screens. The process involves the following steps:

  1. Check your garage structure and obtain planning permission. The area must be in a good state so that your investment pays off. Accordingly, check the garage’s structure and ensure no labor is required (e.g., a damp floor or leaking roof). Also, the space must be ventilated enough while windows, if there are any, must be closed with blackout blinds to block the light.
  2. Clear the area, remove any old stuff stored for ages, and thoroughly clean the surface. It’s also recommended to rent special equipment like a pressure washer to prepare the space for long-term use.
  3. Tackle the walls and floor to make them stable. Paint per your liking (preferably in darker hues). 
  4. Set the furniture to fit the environment. Placing leather sofas would be great, just as having a central backrest foldable into a tray for drinks and snacks. And finally, install a home cinema screen. Choose the right technological pieces for a fantastic visual and sound experience.

Convert the Garage Into a Kids’ Playroom

One of the most fabulous ideas for large families where toys crack under your feet now and then is to convert the sparingly used garage into a game room. This way, you will keep the children occupied for hours while your home remains tidy. Here’s a complete guide on how to do this:

  1. Start with giving a solid cleaning to the space. Declutter it, sell worthwhile goods through online platforms, and deep clean the surface.
  2. Paint the walls in bright colors for kids or choose natural tones if the area is designed for teenagers. Don’t forget about heating and cooling facilities.
  3. Evaluate lighting and electrical needs so that kids can use devices there, too. Also, it’s worth insulating the walls to make the environment warmer and block the sounds.
  4. Depending on the age of your children, place respective furniture. Those can be racks for sorting toys and a few bean bags to leave enough space to play around or a pool table, dartboard, a table for board games and cards, along with a sofa and bigger bean bags if the game room is for teens.
  5. You can combine a play and video game room by adding a big-screen TV and your favorite video game consoles.

Renovate the Garage Into a Cozy Guest House

A cozy, nice guest house won’t ever be a misfit if you welcome guests frequently. You can later use the space as your gateway even if you don’t. The steps for such a transformation are as follows:

  1. Throw away or sell the old stuff and deep clean the area thoroughly.
  2. Choose appropriate flooring per the design you have in mind. The most common options are garage floor tiles, vinyl tools, and engineered wood flooring.
  3. Finish the walls with plywood, paneling, or wallboards. You can also simply stick wallpaper if your budget is tight.
  4. Paint and insulate the walls. It’s recommended to choose light colors as, most probably, there are no windows in the garage.
  5. Furnish your new guest house with lightweight, essential pieces. This includes a bed or at least a mattress and a side table with a lamp. Add charm to the space with a small rug, a picture, and a flower vase. Also, a lovely quilt will add the final touch to the new guest house.

Final Thoughts

Surely, there are plenty of other creative ideas for utilizing the free garage space to your family’s benefit. For instance, you can turn the area into a hobby room to fulfill your ideas in a private space, a library, a personal gym, a music room, etc. However, the described options have been the most beloved by Canadians. In all cases, whatever the space becomes used for, ensure you have properly secured it with a study door and a reliable lock.

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